My husband and I talked last night and felt it would be best to see if I can postpone the surgery until the later part of October. September 23rd is just not very convenient. As long as I can deal with the discomfort, it’s doable. I’m willing to try to get things more in order and have our eggs all in a basket, so to speak, before going under the knife for such a major surgery. The hubby will be out of town for four day in the second week of October – my sister needs to find a job (so I don’t want her not doing that so she can take care of my kids) – and my other sister works and doesn’t have vacation time (she’s upset about that) – my grandma can’t handle my daughter for longer than an hour or two (3 yr old wild childs and 77 yr old grouchy people mix like oil and vinegar) – my dad is willing but unreliable (if someone invites him fishing or he feels like fixing his van, he’ll pawn her off on my grandma or his wife who can’t handle her either because she’s had about 5 mini strokes and one big stroke). I’ve called my mom, and my sister has called my mom and  offered to pay for her plane ticket, given her a kid-free place to sleep at night (my sister who lives down the road and has no kids), free food, she can even take off on the weekends and do as she pleases cause we won’t need her (that means she can go north and visit her brother and sister). You’d think she’d jump at the chance – her daughter needs her. She doesn’t work. She’s not doing anything! Yet she has a host of excuses and finally around 10:30 last night I told my husband I give up on her. It would’ve been nice to have my mom here helping me, especially after she told me how hard it had been for her when she, too, was 28 and had her hysterectomy. But SHE had her MOTHER who drove a 16 hour drive in a gas guzzling RV to help for 2 weeks and a neighbor lady who didn’t work. I have a few grandma’s who are too old to really handle my daughter long term.

My husband is trying to get me to postpone it a little longer so he can save up some time. He’s gonna try and talk his boss into letting him work from home some days, as well. He said push comes to shove, he can always take a week unpaid. But with what he makes, that’s going to hurt.

I’m just going to trust in God because I know he’ll get me and my family through this – the surgery, the recovery, and menopause. I just wish he had given me better parents.


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