Official Surgery Date

Surgery is now to be scheduled for October 28.

This sucks cause I’ll miss Halloween. I’ll still be able to make the kids’s costumes before hand, but won’t be able to walk around with them. I always take them to my hubby’s office for trick or treat. I love Halloween. And my son wants to be a Jedi and my daughter wants to be Yoda – as a geek, I’m so proud. lol This was going to be such a huge Halloween. And Thanksgiving will be a quiet afternoon to myself while my husband and kids go to his moms (we talked about him staying home and we do something but I told him it’s his mom’s tradition and she makes better food than I do) so he can bring me home a HUGE plate of food and pie (his brother makes the BEST pie ever) and some of his sister’s cookies (they, too, are good). And I’ll just probably sleep through the afternoon and when he gets home I’ll eat my own little Thanksgiving dinner while being thankful for my hotflashes and moodswings. lol. Plus, it can give him some vent time away from me. He’ll probably need it by then – hopefully not but who knows what I’ll be like in those weeks post hysterectomy. I’ve heard if you go into it with an open mind and know you need this and this is what you want, then your outcome is more favorable than those who mourn the loss of their parts.

Complications from surgery scares me more than menopause. Not waking up from surgery and seeing my kids grow up, that’s what scares me. But I can’t let my mind wonder on that. I have to remember that it’s better to do this now than when it become out of control like it had with my mother (she was literally filled with endo) and need several surgeries to remove the stuff and nearly die from it. And she was my age.


One response to “Official Surgery Date

  1. Hi,
    Just stumbled on to your blog. I had stage IV endo, too many sugeries to clean things out, all the drug therapies, and finally had a TLAVH in June. It was the best thing that I have ever done. I was so thrilled that it could be done using a laprascope, wasnt wild about the vaginal part but I was asleep and didnt seem to care when I woke up. I am now almost completely pain free!!! I say almost cause sometimes the area where my left ovary was hurts but it could be something else, but it doesnt hurt like it used to all the time and the pain goes away if I take Ibuprofen. Try not worry about post op. Yeah the hot flashes suck but they dont come all the time. And the moodswings, well, they arent great either but its better than being in pain all the time! I asked to be put on the lowest estrodial patch that was made to help with the flashes and the swings and it has really helped.

    Good Luck!!!


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