This post will be short and sweet.

My semester started yesterday. Gulp. My son began his first day of kindergarten this morning. Tears. I’m so busy I can’t begin to fathom the business. My daughter still isn’t getting used to her glasses. Ugh.

School – I have 4 classes this semester. No where the insane 7 class load from last semester, so it would probably feel like a cake walk if I weren’t trying to shorten it into 2.5 months. Right? But I want out of school and if I can shorten this semester, then I can return early. And if I can return early the next semester then I’ll graduate early (yay!). But I’ll still come back and walk in May. Why? Because I earned it. My brother in law went to college four years and graduated early like I may do. He began working and on graduation day he want and watched his best bud walk. What? He wasn’t interested in walking. Dude, I would’ve been like “give me that cap and gown and watch me strut my stuff!” And with the grades I’m managing at this insanely tough private school – I think I’ve earned it. Ok. When it’s 1 am and I’m tired, I’ve got half a page left to write on a paper or a few pages left to read in a chapter, I think of that cap and gown and that ceremony and it keeps me going. It’s my goal. Only one cousin in my family has graduated college, so I’ll be my grandma’s second grandkid to graduate. None of her kids did it. A couple of her grandkids have 2 year degrees, but they are in liberal arts and they now work in a factory. I’ll be the second one in my family to walk in a cap and gown in a University graduation ceremony. And I still can’t believe with all the crap I’ve been through since I had my daughter and decided to go back to school, that I’ve maintained such excellent grades. It’s unbelievable.

But next semester I have only 3 classes and then I’m out! Graphic Novels: Cavewalls to Celluloid, Literature and Mythology, and Photojournalism. Nothing like your last semester being a handful of fun electives, right?

Ok – so this post is getting too long. I need to shorten it by signing off. I have to start my Physical Fitness homework (this class is a breeze (teachers words -not mine)).


2 responses to “busy

  1. What degree are you going for?

  2. Professional Writing.

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