Frustrating, it is

I got a call yesterday late afternoon from K at Dr.’s office.

Apparently they have these like round table meetings to discuss all the upcoming surgeries in a month – I know how things work – so I wasn’t shocked, but I was still not sure why she was calling me. The first thought was “It’s being cancelled.”

Dr. wants to have a sit down with me on Sept. 15th to discuss the hysterectomy. Oh frackin’ lovely! I’m not an idiot. I know what’s brought this on.

When I went for the cyst and saw S (who I don’t like but L was leaving for good and I can no longer see her ever again) and was told it was time for hysterectomy time, S became all “you know you’re young… blah blah blah…” and then commented that she was going to talk to Dr. about this. Great. I had this ironed out already with Dr. and L in March!!!! *doing my best kid stomping and throwing a fit dance* What is the problem now? Is it my age? Really? I can give you a list of women I’ve talked to — including a current teacher of mine, who’ve had this done in their 20’s. Is is my laundry list of medical conditions? Fine, if my doctor doesn’t clear me, then we’ll find something else to manage this. But there will be something done! Even if they just go in and take that ovary out, it will get done!!!

Right now I’m just frustrated – which seems to me a reccuring theme! I’m working on homework, my son road the bus to his first full day of school, I’m returning to work this afternoon, and I’m in pain. I’m, frankly, an emotional wreck at this point! I so don’t need the headache from the Dr’s giving me trouble over this surgery. Why can’t it all just fall neatly into place and work like it should???


One response to “Frustrating, it is

  1. And why do you have to wait until Sept? ugh, I’m sorry!!! The waiting is always the hardest part. This will give you time to do your own research and get all your facts/questions/ducks in a row.

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