It hurts, Doc

I’m in pain – been since yesterday – well since, what last week or 2. It’s that darn cyst! I assume.

I haven’t been able to eat or drink much in the past 2 day because I’m like early pregnancy queasy. Yesterday, for the first 3 hours upon waking up I couldn’t keep anything down! Now I just can’t stomach anything. Hubby took me to walk in clinic, and a really nice nurse took me in a room and explained that at walk-in clinic they pretty much have the capacitity to deal with flu’s, coughs, ear infections, and bladder infections, etc. Then she said she would go ahead and test my urine (for free – how nice) to see if it was a bladder infection, or possible kidney infection causing my flank pain. See, around 9 last night I started having nasty sharp pain all along my left side. With heating pad help, I was able to fall asleep. Woke up at one point during the night and thought I was going to vomit. Got back to sleep only to wake up worse off and with that pain still there – and the ovary pain! I barerly scarfed down a small donut so I could take my morning meds, but my beloved morning coffee wasn’t liking me. I took three sips and wasn’t having anymore.

So around 10, after being uncomfortable, I made the hubby cart me to walk-in-clinic. They couldn’t do anything other than dip urine for infection¬†– which at least I know it’s not an infection, which if what I figured I had. I thought maybe I have an infection and that’s what making this cyst hurt so much? But the nurse urged me to go to ER. And I might as the day wears on. I told my husband I will go to ER if A) I start throwing up more (ie. actual food again and not this dry heaving crap) B) the pain gets worse or C) I start running a fever. But until then he took my son to see Star Wars: Clone Wars and my sister took my daughter and I’m going to take a nap. Then if I feel like it, which I better, I need to do some PR homework that I’ve been trying to do for 2 days but can’t seem to focus on—- hmmm I wonder why???


One response to “It hurts, Doc

  1. Hi how are you. Sorry to hear about your cycts and your pain associated with it. I have found a great book for holistic cures of ovarian cysts. You can get the book at HTTP:://WWW.OVARIANCYSTSELIMINATED.COM.

    The tretments stopped my pain and discomfort I was having and eventually got rid of my cysts. I hope this will help you from the pain and help cure you as well. I was once like you and couldn’t sleep, eat, and my pain was non stop. I didn’t want to take the medication they perscribed since I like healing my body naturally and now I found a way. Take care.

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