Long Story made short

Was in ED last night until 3:30 am.

Had CT scan, ultrasound, tons of blood work, nasty pain meds, lots of vomiting, only to to discover the cyst I had in January is still there and hasn’t changed. I had another cyst and it must have burst because I do have free liquid in my pelvis from it. They ruled out everything instestinal, though, so my gyno can’t go down that route as an excuse.

Now let me warn people against this very powerful pain med called Dilaudid. Now while it did knock the crap out of whatever nerve pain was going on down there, and believe me if I didn’t have the initial s/e I had to this I would be asking for this stuff by the truck load – the reaction I had was dreadful and scared my husband to death. Let me explain how this went down.

The nurse asks if I’ve ever had this stuff. I said I think I have, but not sure. It sounded familiar.

She gives me the dilaudid and this other new and improved nausea medicine (which then makes me vomit for the next hour!)

I then get incredible pain in both of my legs – she said this is the Dilaudid.

I get very hot – the Dilaudid again.

I start to feel strange. I can’t focus. Feel like I’m going to pass out, but not sure. I’m just odd.

The next thing I know I have my husband and a nurse staring over me yelling.

Apparently, I freaked my husband out because I suddenly stopped talking and my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I become unresponsive for a few minutes. The next thing I know I’m covered in sweat and burning up. – the nurse is glad I’m ok and reassures my husband it’s just the medicine.

When it came time for meds again, I refused the Dilaudid in favor of Vicodin. I would rather feel some pain and not have a seizure. That was a scary feeling, not remembering what happened to last who knows how many minutes of your life.


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