Gyno visit 2

I did my follow up with Gyno – S – this morning from the horrible ED trip from Saturday.

The verdict – she urged me to move that hysterectomy date back up to as early as possible to get those darn ovaries out!

I’ll talk to my husband tonight to see what can be done, if anything. I talked to my family and they seemed supportive, well, at least until I’m past 2 weeks post op. Then she thinks I can take care of my 3 year old as long as I don’t pick her up and such. I don’t know if I’ll be able to or not. I think this is because she had to do so after her hysterectomy because she had no one  to help her. My grandma is very, very old school – her mom was a Christian Scientist and died from colon cancer because she wouldn’t recieve treatment because she didn’t believe in doctors or medicine. Thus, my grandma was raised to grin and bear it and shut the heck up. She forgets, though, that during her time women didn’t work. They worked form the home and were in the neighborhood. And when one of other moms were sick or in bed for some reason, the other moms sort of rallied to the cause and brought food and helped with housework and took in that mother’s kid as their own. We don’t do this anymore in society because most mother’s are working! And the ones who aren’t probably don’t talk to their neighbors enough to trust them with their kids! So, in this modern society, who do we have to turn to when we are out of commission?

And I just love when my grandmother tells her hysterectomy story. She makes it sound like she was all alone with her and a kid – braving the tundra or some nonesence because my grandpa was trucking. But then later on she’ll slip in that my uncle and his new wife were living with them and how she ended up suffering so many complications from her hysterectomy that she only home for a few days before being put back in the hospital. She then underwent another surgery, staying in the hospital for 3 weeks this time. Then when she was released a week later she had more complications (I would’ve sued that surgeon!) and ended up in the hospital for like 4 more weeks! Then she’ll say how by the time she got out of the hospital she was ok to take care of the kid. Well… yeah 7 weeks AFTER my hysterectomy I’m sure I’ll be perfectly fine to take care of my 3 year old, too.

My sweet, loving husband just emailed me and said to move up the date. He doesn’t like seeing me in pain and doesn’t want me waiting. We’ll figure it out somehow. Please pray for me, guys. This situation is crazy. I really wish I would’ve had the full 8 weeks to work and get some money saved up for the 6 weeks off, but I guess I won’t be able to do that now. So I need all the prayers I can get.


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