Hi, World. It’s me.

I know it’s not like me to be silent on here for so long – even when things are going well I usually drop in with something to say. Yet, I’ve had to play the part of supporter since Sunday night and I had neither time to write or internet access to do so. For some stupid reason, the hospital internet blocked both wordpress and twitter so I couldn’t update anyone. I did manage to get through to Jeanne while I was at home for a split second and she left a lovely comment that was very supportive. Thank you, Jeanne! I really needed it.

My sister was 7.5 weeks pregnant with her 6th baby. She hasn’t been able to carry them, just concieve them. This time around though, despite the mess she’s living through with her husband walking out on her – the baby seemed to be growing right on track and she found a marvelous high-risk pregnancy OB, a fateful night of high fevers ended the pregnancy. She and our family is just distraught for her.

Thursday night I had rushed her to ED, per doctors orders, with the intent to lower her fever ASAP and have her admitted and put on an IV. We got the poorest service imaginable (coming from the SAME doctor who had just given me a seizure on 8/28!) and had to wait 3 hours before even getting a room! Then it wasn’t until 3:00 am (we had arrive in ED at 8 pm) that she got IV fluids because I had to run down a triage nurse because she almost blacked out on me. She had pneummonia and was throwing up and PREGNANT – HIGH RISK!! They finally contacted her OB at 4:30 am and he chewed them out and had her admitted, which is what he wanted to begin with! But by then the sonogram had come back that the baby had no heart beat and they told her the fever had pretty much turned her uterus into an oven and cooked the baby! Can you believe this! A pregnant lady comes in with a 102.8 temp and is vomitting – what do you? First thing, IV – and I’m not even a nurse!

So we’ve been at the hospital with round after round of antibiotics and breathing treatments trying to get her pneummonia to clear up so she can have surgery to remove the fetus. It’s been an exhausting weekend.

Prior to this, I had had a sinus infection that apparently ran out of control (because I’m stubborn and won’t get meds) and triggered my trigeminal neuralgia. I was in so much pain I couldn’t even talk for like a week, so I wasn’t in the mood for blogging. I didn’t even want to watch TV! lol

But I have to go right quick and finish dishes and then run back to hospital. I will write more when I get time tonight after everyone has went to sleep. much is going on.


2 responses to “Hi, World. It’s me.

  1. Endochick,

    I am so very sorry! That is absolutely terrible what happened to your sister!! My thoughts and prayers are with you, your sister, and your family. I cannot even fathom… Don’t forget to take care of yourself during this difficult time. Not only is it best for you and your immediate family (for you to practice self-care) *BUT* it will enable you to support your sister through this unimaginably painful time (physically and emotionally) as well. I’ll be thinking of all of you…


  2. That just sickens me to hear. I am so sorry for your family’s loss and your sister’s pain. 😦 What a terrible turn of events. Please take care of yourself too, in the midst of all the chaos. God Bless!!!

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