Hello, World. It’s me – Part 2

So as I promised there is some good news that came out of today – hard to believe there could be. BTW – thanks, Jeanne for your comforting words. It means a lot. And Allison, glad to know people out there wonder what’s up when I drop off the face of the earth. 🙂

Anyway, as I was saying…

I had my surgery consult this morning. After long reflection, and much reading, I had decided to go in fighting to keep whatever organs I could and just get rid of the diseased left ovary that causes me so much pain. I was pleasantly surprised that she was preparing the same arguement for me. We were both wanting the same thing and especially not eager to throw me in to menopause seeing as I can’t rely on estrogen to help me through the rough patches. She said looking at my uterus and right ovary, they don’t look bad. She said she can get a closer look at my uterus when she goes in, but it looks ok. She can clean off endo while she’s there getting the left ovary. But my left ovary is the problem child – covered in endo and adhesions and making cysts like a madhouse! She even said if later down the road we had to go back in and get the right ovary she would still leave the uterus there if it looked good cause all she’d need to do is remove the estrogen source – my ovary. 🙂 So as long as there’s no sign of adnemyosis, I’m keeping my uterus!!! I’m thrilled.

I’m also relieved of a ton of stress because I don’t have to find sitters for my kids for 6 weeks while I recover. Lap surgery will put me out for a week and hubby has vacation time! Yippee! I’m sure hubby’s boss is relieve, as well.

I’m signing off now to get some sleep. Hopefully they’ll release my sister tomorrow  and life can resume as normal.


3 responses to “Hello, World. It’s me – Part 2

  1. Endochick,

    So happy for you! I was concerned with your family history about a radical hyst. It sounds like a more conservative approach may be just what the doctor ordered! (Excuse the bad pun)! 🙂 I really am happy for you! I hope your sister heals quickly! She has been through so much!! Hang in there!! Things will eventually calm down in this crazy world. I know it’s hard! I’m glad you got some good news for a change, though! 🙂


  2. Endochick,

    P.S. I have “suspected adenomyosis” and a “large, boggy uterus”, as per my laparotomy (major surgery) in 1996 & I still have all my repro organs. My understanding is there are only two ways to properly confirm adenomyosis:

    1) biopsy the uterus post-hysterectomy
    2) biopsy the uterus in an autopsy

    By definition, adenomyosis is endometrial tissue *within* the wall of the uterus. It’s not where it should be (the lining of the uterus) and it’s not endo where it’s OUTSIDE the uterus. It’s inside the walls of the uterus!

    If you have heavy periods and/or clots, I can suggest a homeopathic that could change your life!! I wish I’d found it as a teenager!!!

    Let me know if that sounds like it’d be helpful and I’ll fill you in.



  3. That is fabulous news! When is the surgery? 🙂

    Hope your sister is feeling better.

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