Pissed with a capitol P

When I had went to the ED on 8/28 the doc there told me my sodium level was low and I needed to adjust my desmopressin.

Next morning, I call my endocrinologist and he says he doesn’t think it’s the desmopressin. I call neurologist and he thinks it’s the topamax. I then begin a weekly reduction of my topamax followed by blood work. My levels are STILL dropping.

I am now down to 25 mg of topamax which is pointless. My levels are now back down to 127. My neuro nurse called me last night to let me know and to order more blood work Thursday before my appointment Friday. Then she called my endocrinologist’s nurse and spoke with her and kicked their butt. I love my neuro and his nurses. But now I’m pissed in a way because the endo wants me to stop taking the desmopressin for one week and get my levels checked on Monday, too. Give me a break. They are just trying to eliminate and see which med is causing me the problem. I told them we have to hurry and get this fixed so I don’t miss my october 28th surgery.


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