Surgery Date

We kept my original surgery date as scheduled – 10/28. This only sucks in one aspect: I’ll miss Halloween. 😦 I like walking my kids around. Oh, well. Daddy’s turn this year while I get some peace and quiet and rest.

I don’t know a time yet. Hopefully it will be early am because I have to do the bowel prep the day before now that it’s a lap. 😦 sucks. I hate bowel preps. And my husband has until my surgery to get my laptop fixed because it’s bugging out and having some soft ware issues. The company said to format so I just did. And still no help! I’m so fustrated. At least it’s under warranty.


2 responses to “Surgery Date

  1. What’s going on with the laptop? My hubby is a computer whiz…

  2. The keyboard stopped working after I attempted to connect it to the hospitals network. Of course we thought it was a virus, as did tech support. So they told me to wipe it clean with a reformat, which I did. But when I was prompted to give my windows username a name and password – lo and behold I discover that my keyboard STILL isn’t working!! Some of the keys work just not in the way they should – like the P opens menus! It’s so messed up and gave me a huge headache. Thankfully I was able to move everything of worth over to my hubby’s PC via our network.
    At least it’s still under warranty.

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