I am still alive.

Very busy with school – trying to finish for an early return in November. Wish I  get time to talk about this later as I have feelings about it I would like express.

I had some Trigeminal Neuralgia pain yesterday and my doctor switched my tegretol to Baclofen. Wow, this stuff make you woozy!!! Now I know why MS paitents are always getting mistaken for drunks and stuff. Poor guys. Really, it makes me just not give a carp and want to take a nap. And I have to take it 3 times a day! Yikes.

In other news, my sodium is FINALLY back up to 140 (where it belongs)!!! Yay! I have restarted my Desmopressin at night for my diabetes insipidus and have to have the blood rechecked in a week to make sure I’m having no problems. Now I’m only on two meds that freak with my sodium, and taking the desmopressin only at night hopefully won’t hurt me. 🙂

OK – that’s all I have time for right now. Fitness assignment calls and I’m ALMOST done with that class!!!! Yay! Hope everyone is doing ok and the Endo fairies haven’t been lingering at your homes. Can’t wait till I can catch up on your blogs. Have a good Thursday and Friday and hopefully I’ll post this weekend.


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