Hi, Everyone!

I’ve been busy!!! And it’s not going to slow down any time soon, I’m afraid. Last week I commited to doing an early school return November 14th. This has caused me to make a schedule (and keep it) for my schoolwork. My time is so limited now that I’m working back in the afternoons and my house is suffering. I used to spend my mornings doing schoolwork and doing necessary cleaning, like dishes and such, and the spend the afternoon doing heavy cleaning, like laundry and floors. But now I work in the afternoon. And by the time I come home, cook and eat dinner, and help my son with his homework, I’m too tired to clean. Plus, I usually still have schoolwork to do.

Nevertheless, I am getting a reprieve tomorrow. 🙂 A local news channel does these Morning Makeover’s and I was choosen to have one done. I plan on posting a before and after picture. I’m hoping for something dramatic – like hair color. My hair is already short enough, in my opinion. I’m supper excited and just wish my daughter would go to bed (long story) so I can get a decent nights sleep.

Endometriosis wise – I seem to be entering a pain cycle and it’s resembling the last time that sent me to ED. It seems to be very cyclic in nature for sure. I’m sure it’s related to cyst formation, new and old, on that ovary. I will be thankful to have it out on the 28th. It will be nice.


One response to “Happenings…

  1. Ooo, fun, a makeover!!! Enjoy it!!! And, the 28th will be here before you know it. I hope that pains are minimal up until then!!!

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