I am not getting the sleep I need to be getting. We all know how important sleep is. I know how important sleep is, yet I work myself to the bone just to get burnt to a crisp and tucker out. I’m about to nod off (and will be heading for bed in a minute), but my productivity is waning. I blame the every day life for this, over all. Sick kids, work, numb face, keep the list rolling.

My doctor phoned me back today – the neuro. I had phoned them for an update on my medicine because they told me to. I told them the Topamax and the Baclofen combo isn’t given me any trouble, other than it’s not being very effective. Not sure what path they’ll take with this, but whatever. My TN isn’t sending shocks into my face every minute, but I’m generally numb feeling ALL THE TIME, there is a pressure in my ear, and I have frequent episodes of tinnutis (the swooshing and tympany drumb sounding type) on that side. It would be nice if the medicine were helping that. Geez.

OK -that has to be it for tonight because my eyes are forcing themselved closed. Just letting you guys know I’m trying to make it around to everyone’s blogs. I am. Things are hectic, so bear with me.


2 responses to “Sleep

  1. Endochick,

    Sleep is extremely important. I have learned this the hard way!! When you are tempted to push yourself beyond the limits that are healthy for YOUR body, try to tell yourself this: “I only get ONE body”!

    I have learned the hard way what happens when you try to force a body past its limits. Before I got married, I routinely worked 80+ hours a week even though I already had endometriosis then and my IC symptoms had started (even if they hadn’t yet been properly diagnosed). I sure wish I hadn’t done that!!

    Many, many illnesses later… I am now disabled. I truly believe that if I had not pushed myself so very hard, I might not be as sick as I am.

    Don’t get me wrong… I’d still be sick. I can honestly tell you, though, that I do NOT think I’d be as sick as I am.

    So take it easy and try to resist pushing yourself too hard… Get help when you can from others… Listen to your body…

    I have met others like me that pushed the limits so hard that permanent damage occurred. It’s NOT worth adding to your list of diagnoses. Trust me… I have learned some very painful lessons about pushing it!!!

    Rest, rest, rest…

    Jeanne 🙂

  2. Endochick,

    I meant to also mention that if you aren’t getting relief for the symptoms you mentioned, you may want to consider getting a second opinion.

    My neurologist gave up on me long ago. At least he basically admitted he didn’t know how to help me. I give him credit for admitting that.

    I have seen another neurologist (long story) since and I’m still not getting the relief I’d like. However, 3rd opinions are sometimes needed!


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