The Twits are wonderin’

Jeanne and I have been Twittering about my recent actictivy – of which I’ve been hush about to her. This hasn’t been cause it’s secret or anything, just cause 1) I haven’t been on my computer in 3 days (major withdraw!), 2) I shouldn’t be on it for long 3) I’m in uncomfortable pain and 4) I was in absolutely no shape to blog let alone chat or twit 3 days ago. Believe me, you wouldn’t have even know me in person on this days. I even got short with my doctor, and while in tears – streaming down my face, mind you, I I gave him a few choice descriptive words and told him how he could get home that day if he didn’t fix me RIGHT NOW!!!
Guess what: I didn”t leave that man’s office until my pain level was down at least 4 notches with a promise it would continue to decrease or I could return to ED and have him page at home on the weekend. Reason #2 of why I love my neurologist.

On the 8th I went to work, my day was going great other than I was smelling smoke every 20 minutes or so. Whatever. Wasn’t going to ruin my day! Or so I thought. 😉 suddenly I start getting this swooshing tinnitus when I leaning down to pick up toys or kids. First off, I think I’m getting a migraine. Yet, by 2 hours when a migraine doesn’t follow I’m sort of stumped! But then the tinnitus gets WORSE! Now if I even slightly bend over to pick something – anything. Or even sit on the floor, rise to get from a chair, sneeze, whatever!, hear come the waves! Huh? Each time it sounds like they are getting louder and louder, and it’s always only in that one ear. So by the time I get home I have to cook this fajita meal for my family with this right side of head, which is now in full migraine land from the contant swooshing. I do somehow manage to get the meal cooked and ate, but as I’m clearing the plate away everything comes up and I lose my supper. And all the nighttime med I had just taken! This results in a very funny call between me and the Walgreen pharmacy down the street from my house to determine if a) I the other medication hadn’t absorbed enough into my system yet so I could take my medicine again, and b) the smallest amount of water needed for 4 topamax 25 mg and a 10 mg baclofen. Hmmm… my blacofen has increased now, I wonder if I should call Walgreens for a water increase? LOL

So after keeping my next round of night meds down, I went to sleep. Or as I like to call it – the night of no rest for the weary. Ugh. All I did was toss and turn. It was terrible. I called work and then laid back down and died until my grandma dragged me to the doctors at 1:10. They gave me a shot of toradol and something for the queassies that I can’t seem to spell right right now. I went home, sleept good 5 hours. Woke up. STILL THERE. My right side still felt like a grip had hold of it! When I move just slightly, there was a swoosh!

I decided to give it the night. I was pissed and not please with my last trip the local ED, not wanting to make a return visit. The next morning was equally awful. Husband had to keep me and himself home. I still couldn’t drive let alone get out of bed by myself! I called neuro’s office firs thing in the morning in the morning and left message, told her what was going on (very specific incluging my type of migraine and wished this to be ran by doctor as I was very worried that the toradol didn’t take care of it). She told me it would a few hours – blah blah – and I hung up. Then 15 minutes Dr’s nurse calls back and Dr. has moved a patient so he can get me this morning and is telling me to get over now. I get over there and it turns out my trigeminal neualgia is very irritated! That’s what’s causing the tinnitus and the tinnuts is what set off the migraine.  And what set off the trigem this time????? What for it????

We think I may have a pinched nerve in my neck. I have two slipped cervical disks from a car wreck in ’99. And since I’ve been back to the day care, I’ve been picking the kids up and moiving furniture. These are huge no-no’s. And I know this! But I’m being put in situations where if they are not done by me, they are not going to get done. And I don’t get do them, then I get points. And that shows a crappy works ethic and I need good reccomendations from these people soon. I don’t have a crappy work ethic. I’m a type A, baby.

So, anyway, by baclofen has been doubled from 10 3x a day to 20 3 xa day and I’m as my husband described today as we walked through Khols: “You look like you’re about to have drool rolling down your chin.” To this I think I replied, “Huh?” I then ran into a rack of pants. What a difference doubling your meds can make! Oh, it and it does wonders for trying to focus on any words!

I’m also a liquids – soft diet for rougly a weekly until my face stops spasming. This sucks. My husband will be gone most of next week and I have my pre-op physicals. I am also now 5 days behind schedule on my classes!!!!!! YIKES!!!! And I need to go to bed because I need to stop thinking I’m 18 and I can pull these late nighters.


One response to “The Twits are wonderin’

  1. I’ve been thinking about you. 😦 What are they going to do about the nerve? Hope things are better today!!!

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