Sheehan’s Syndrome

So… yesterday was my day of pre-op physicals and pre-anathesia teaching. It was a long, long day of sitting in uncomfortable doctor’s office chairs, being poked at with needles, being subjected to ekg machines, and being forced into gowns with holes in the front and back (what’s the point really?!?). But it did reveal and interesting conversation and bit of medical information I had not known about myself, that I should’ve, thanks to my primary physician – a man I hadn’t actually seen in person in 3 years (I’ve been subjected to the man’s dumb PA). This conversation followed after her walked into the room:

DR: So, you have Sheehan’s Syndrome! Is it being managed?

ME: Excuse me?

DR: Your Sheehan’s? Is it being managed? You had that problem with your sodium, but I see it’s stabalized now….

ME: *completely dumbfounded!* Yes, but I don’t have Sheehan’s Syndrome I have auttoimmune thyroid disease.

Well, it turns out I have Sheehan’s Syndrome and the diabetes insipidus is a rare complication of the Sheehan’s.

Maybe I shouldn’t just be getting copies of my medical tests, but copies of my medical notes. I can’t leave it up to my endocrinologist to, you know, tell me things about my OWN condition. In May it was auttoimmune thyroid and now she’s termed me sheehan’s. Even sent it on as fact to my primary. Why wasn’t I told this?


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