bad night

I was playing games last night and laughing and talking, and then suddenly stopped. The next thing I know it, 30-40 seconds had gone by, everyone is yelling at me “hey, you ok?” “Trey got a crit, you gonna write it down?” “Are you alright??” “Do you hear us?” That’s when I became aware that I had not been aware before. I had just been staring down at my papers as if in a trance. I felt so weird. And then it did just like it did back this summer when I was having these spells – I began balling my eyes out! I just started shaking and l couldn’t even form a coherent sentence. My husband walked me to the bathroom where I continued to cry for a while, then I excused myself outside so I could get some fresh air. After maybe 6 minutes or so I was calm enough to begin playing again. But I still felt a little out of it all evening.

This happened to me VERY briefly while driving Friday morning. I was driving on the highway when all of a sudden I had emerged from under a bridge (very short thing) without remembering even having approached the bridge. It was very brief – only 10 seconds I would say and I chalked it up to droning out while driving. I hope this doesn’t become a pattern or my doctor may take me off work because he won’t let me drive again!


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