I’m entrenched in playwriting. While it’s fun, it’s also a pain in the neck. lol

I’m loving it while at the same time hating it like a root canal! It’s fun to create a play, envision my actors acting it out this weekend for me for my rough draft, etc., but formatting a play is like pulling teeth without novacaine. I am saving myself a lot of heartache and grief by using a short story I had already written for the basis of my play. This way 90% of the dialogue was already written, and I just needed to create a main monologue and move some expository stuff into dialogue, which isn’t as hard as it sounds.

My surgery is less than a week away. This time next week I’ll be recovering. Yikes. It will be nice to be recovering and not suffering, but I’m not looking forward to the actual surgery portion of this event. Plus my recovery will be crammed with school work – so that will be fun 🙂 But since I’m shortenning my semester, it will end Nov. 14 instead of Jan. 20. This way instead of finishing THIS semester January 20 I’ll be finishing my next semester in January and graduating! And I still can’t convince my husband to let me do the  Master’s right away. He said it would be nice to have his wife, and the kids would like their mom, at night and on the weekends more often. Well, yeah. I know. I don’t honestly know what I’m gonna do with myself without  something to study. I just love school too much. I know – it’s frightening.

I have to get stuff done. Must eat lunch. lol


One response to “playwriting

  1. When is the surgery date? Good luck! We are all thinking about you!

    Glad you enjoy school. Sometimes I want to go back and get a masters…but, the thought of having homework right now does scare me!

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