Surgery 10/28

I’m nervous but the meds are helping to calm me for now.

Tomorrow at this time I will hopefully be on the road to recovery with one less ovary. Maybe two less ovaries, but hopefully just the one.

My laparascopy with left salpingo-oopherectomy (ovary removal) is scheduled for 9:30 am, but I have to be at the hospital at 7:30. Bright and early! Ugh. I hate sunshine without coffee – even if it’s decaf.

And surgery – the mere idea of being under scares me. Not being in control. SCARES ME. Please, Lord, let me wake up. Let me be here for my children. To watch them grow and be here to guide them and nurture them.

What also frightens me some – but not as much as it probably should – is that there is a good chance the small incision (we are talking 4-6 inches) may become bigger because my ovary is young. It may also become much bigger because my ovarian cyst is now “thick” and there is free fluid in the cul de sac. This also means I could lose my right ovary at the same time and get a nice bikini cut (the dreased C-section scar, which I don’t already have since my kids came all natural)! I guess I’ll just wake up and see what the Lord decided to throw at me. I’m strong and I can take what whateve punch he tosses at me. After all, life wouldbn’t be interesting without the occassional hiccup.


4 responses to “Surgery 10/28

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  4. Just wanted to wish you luck for tommorrow. Also to let you know
    I will be thinking of you. And saying a prayer for you. I have a
    feeling you will come out just fine.

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