Recovery Day 1

I don’t count the day of surgery as a recovery day because it’s such a traumatic day I don’t think you’re body can begin recovering for about 24 hours. It’s just in shock of sorts for a while. Sort of like “what the hell was that?!?!” Then the next day it’s like “Ok, we need to regroup and heal. No more cutting on me, please.”

I’m VERY sore and in a LOT of pain. I take my percocet, which usually puts me to sleep once it starts working. Then I usually wake up 2 hours later needing to go to the bathroom and in pain but can’t take pain meds for 2 more hours! And I’m taking the max pain meds! Last time I only took the percocet for 2 days, now I’m worried I’ll be phoning my doc for more.

The inside work must’ve been extensive! one hour just to remove the adhesions on my left ovary! Yeah, that would explain the searing pain on my left side. And there were other adhesions removed in my pelvis and implants burned off. Now I’m tired again. Pill is working. Time to log off.


2 responses to “Recovery Day 1

  1. Endochick,

    Sorry you’re in so much pain!

    Please see my update on your previous “surgerupdate” post re: Percocet.

    Try to avoid anything that causes muscle tension. Heat may helps relax muscles nad this reduction of tension may help some w/the pain…


    Take care,


  2. I’m sorry I didn’t write before now. I have been thinking about you!!!! I’m SO glad it went well-and-that you got to keep your ovaries. 🙂 Sending prayers your way!!!!!!!

    Yes, REST!

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