Surgery went very. In a lot of pain and on percocet so if this doesn’t make since, don’t laugh at me. Ok?

I went in expecting to lose one ovary with possibly 2. I walked about with…. 2 ovaries!!! Yes, 2.

How? Well they got in there and couldn’t even see my ovary because I was filled with adhesions! They were covering my ovary and had my ovary stuck to my bowel and cul de sac creating a tug of war. And the doctor’s sure this is what was causing my pain. It took an hour to clean off all the adhesions! The thick walled cyst I believe the nurse said she believed it may have been a endometrioma (chocolate cyst) and they removed it. IF it had been cancer, or suspicious, they would’ve removed everyting. But once she cleaned the adhesions off, the nurse told me the ovary looked so healthy that she couldn’t justify taking it. And that’s why I like my doctor. She doens’t believe in taking things that do not need to go. The amount of adhesions I had would explain my pain. They may want to start me on some courses of Lupron, and I may have to consider it.

OK I’m falling asleep cause my pain medicine it working. Thanks, guys, for thinking about it. I means a lot.


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  1. Endochick,

    So glad you have that behind you.

    AWESOME that your doc spared both ovaries!!

    Just a caution with the Percocet… I took it after earlier surgeries with no problem.

    My 2004 surgery I took and and had **SEVERE** constipation (8 days!). My doc almost sent me to the ER to rule out intestinal blockage (had a history of a partial blockage prior to my hemicolectomy in 1996).

    Anyway, I have had varying degress of diarrhea consistently since 1992 with my IBS and endo.

    So this extreme constipation (caused by the Percocet) really threw me for a loop. It was scary!

    So I don’t want be sound alarming but I wanted to share this with you so that you don’t have to go through what I did with the Percocet causing such side effcts.

    I know the pain is really bad!!! Try free things like deep breathing exercises, meditation, hot tea, lots of fluids, comfort foods you can tolerate if not too nauseuous, and relaxing music.

    It may sound cheesy but reducing stress and muscle tension *DOES* reduce pain level and provide distraction from some of the pain… no matter how severe it is.

    I know from personal experience with intolerable, off-the-charts pain!! Hang in there. Rest is key!!

    Your blog won’t “die” if you skip it for a bit. Take care of yourself and focus on how you can reduce your pain with methods other than Percocet.

    This isn’t intended as medical advice and I’m NOT suggesting you stop taking the Percocet. I would be on the lookout, though, for constipation.

    This problem increased my pain level!! I swore I was going to blow my stitches. It was so scary.

    It’s the only time I have ever had a doctor paged in the middle of the night. By day 8, at about 3:00 am, I made my husband page the doc!

    I was in such pain I could barely speak. It came out a word at a time… I said, “get…”, “phone…”, “call doc”… My husband looked at me incredulously and asked, “you want me to call your doctor now??

    I nodded my head vigorously and made that, “HURRY UP AND CALL NOWWWWW!!!!!!!” face.

    Doc asked things like if I had a fever, how many days it had been since having a bowel movement, etc. (It had been since pre-surgery).

    So just be aware that the pain may be off-the-charts but if you add constipation to it, it really *can* get even worse.

    I could truly barely speak and could not form sentences that night at 3:00 am. Try to DISTRACT yourself from the pain with harmless, free stuff.

    For example, put on your favorite comedy DVD that you know will have you in stitches (ooh bad pun, I know). 🙂

    Seriously, I’m not trying to scare you. I just wanted to forewarn you that Percocet helps the pain A LOT but it can have downsides that are not pretty.

    If it could give me constipation after 16 years of having diarrhea, then it could happen to anyone… & it’s a side effect worth avoiding. The pain was SOOOOOOO bad. Sorry if all of these graphic details, Hope it’s not TMI.


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