Recovery Day Four

Why do I still feel like a mac truck drove up inside me, did a few wheelies, and then drove off digging it’s tires into my belly????

I HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I stopped the percocet Thursday afternoon because we discovered it was causing everything on me to go to sleep – my bowels and bladder – not just little ole me. While my bladder sprung back into action right away, my miserable colon (of which I go back 28 years of fun with) decided to continue it’s protest to being a) operated near b) put to sleep with anethesia and c) drugged up with percocet. Many bowels of Fiber One cereal later, glasses of water and coffee filled with scoops of Benefiber, and finally this morning – after I had given up because I could no longer eat from the constipation – three dulcolax later…. the bowels seem to be coroporating. Somewhat. I’m still very bloated.

Overall, I’m still a mess! I’m in more pain and experiencing more tenderness than I did with my last lap. My last lap I only had some endo burned off and with this one all I know so far is it took them an hour of removing lesions just to see my ovary! I know there was other work done because I can feel it. My entire pelvis feels like it’s been beaten up and pulverized!!!!

I’m getting a copy of the surgical report and pictures at my post-op Monday. I can’t wait. I just also can’t wait for this pain to pass. Everything I read is telling me I should be feeling so much better by now!!!!


2 responses to “Recovery Day Four

  1. Endochick,

    I’m so sorry you’re in so much pain!!! Docs *always* minimize lap recovery time. At the same time, complications can occur post-op so it’s good you’ll get checked out soon and it’s fantastic that you are being proactive and getting your operative report (something I always do)! Rest, rest, rest!! 🙂

    On another topic, I am posting this comment about the topic of ‘endo in the media’ (last week).

    I’ve been blogging a lot about this because I’m concerned that the public is receiving misinformation about endo.

    I’m asking bloggers I know who have endo to blog about this and sign my petition too. I’m planning to send petition to Oprah and “The View”…


    ***ANYONE*** wishing to help the endo cause can sign this petition… We have signatures from the US, the UK, and South Africa so far…

    See my blog for details on the misinformation in the media last week following endo diagnoses for 2 contestants on “Dancing with the Stars”.



    Endochick, if you had Julianne Hough’s doc, you would have been advised you could go back to dancing on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ by now since you have 4 days recovery under your belt!!! Now is her doctor irresponsible or what?!?!?! UGH!!!

  2. I know! I read that she went back to DWTS after 4 days and all I could think was “only in Hollywood!” That girl is walking abdomen of adhesions waiting to happen.

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