Surgical Report

Discussing my surgery and surgical report…

So… I had my post surgery check-up this afternoon, and let me tell you I’m not pleased. I actually made a follow up Dec. 5th to speak with Dr. K because the Nurse Practitioner couldn’t provide me any answers other than what was on my surgical report. I have questions I want answered!

The info:

I had extensive adhesions covering both ovaries, which she removed. Once those were removed, my organs were inspected and shown to be…. free of endo. Yes, free. I’m amazed as it seems that most of my pain had to be coming from those adhesions – at least doctor thinks. Also the thick walled endometrial “chocolate cyst” that lived on my ovary for over a year had decided to burst while they were removing the adhesions, so instead of having to remove the ovary, they just irrigated my cul de sac. The ovary itself looked good so she kept it, or that’s what S is assuming. I need to talk to doctor herself. My concern is that I’m gonna end up in surgery again in 6 months to a year because of that ovary again because it’s a cyst factory. Why???

A) Mirena. Mirena, while being a miracle for my endometriosis causes cysts. It’s a side effect. These are usually benign simple cysts. But for me, apparently, they seems to be chocolate cysts.

B) The reason the ovary was going to come out was not because there was a cyst on it, but because there seems to ALWAYS be a cyst a not. There had been a cyst on it for over a year. There had been a substantial cyst on it that ruptured, sending me to the hospital! I refuse to have anymore 200 dollar ED bills because of cysts! Or 25 dollar copays because I have to go in for ultrasounds to track these things!

I hate that I have to wait until Dec. 5th to get answers. This sucks. But at least I can tell Dr. K if the adhesion removal helped with pain. So far, it has. I did wake up in recovery and noticed right away that that pain was gone. But what’s gonna happen when I get a cyst back? S told me the adhesions will come back! I know this. I have endometriosis. I get chocolate cysts! My ovaries are going to get bad and I will be in pain again! Do I not have the right to feel just a bit jilted right now? Everyone keeps telling me I should feel grateful and look on the bright side, but they don’t understand that I know what the future holds for me! MORE SURGERIES! It’s fustrating.

And to top it off, and I’m sure it’s because they messed with my ovaries – but for the past 3 days I’m been having hot flashes that begin with nasty heart palpitations and then my face gets very warm. I am also having moments where I get very emotional and can cry over nothing – literally NOTHING! When I tried to bring this up, while having an “emotional moment” to Susan, I was told in a rather stern voice that I needed to “keep my emotions in check.” I couldn’t believe she said this. I wasn’t crying because I was upset about Dr. not taking my ovary out! I was crying because I COULDN’T control it! I’ve been doing this for 3 days now! It keeps happening! And now it’s 11:20 and I have insomnia. I’m not even interested in sleep. I have tons of work to do for school so I’ll go do that… but…

When I talk to Dr. K on Dec. 5th I’m afraid I may to tell her I may have to switch Dr.’s. I hate to do this because I really like her and her approach. She’s a great doctor. I LOVED her former nurse practioner and never minded seeing L all the time because we got along smoothly and I trusted her. I always knew if L was unsure of something, she would check with Dr. K. But Laurie had had endo, she had had a hysterectomy at a young age (her 30’s) for it, and so she knew my pain. When I would come in crying she understood. When I told her “I want the hysterectomy,” she sat with me – patiently – and talked it over. She explained what menopause would be like because I couldn’t take hormones for at least 6 months. Then after we had talked, exhaustively, and she could see how much pain I was in, and she knew I had exhausted every other effort – she said “let’s schedule it.” We didn’t know it was adhesions. Assuming my pain doesn’t come back soon. Let’s cross fingers it doesn’t.

But S constistantly pisses me off! First she gave me Ibuprofen 800 mg once when I came in one time with the year-long cyst. This when we first found the cyst from hell. I had a lot of inflammation and pain. I was very tender. I had been trying Ibuprofen and tylenol piggy backing at home. After she sent me home with the IB 800, I tried it for a while and it didn’t work. S told me that cysts occur every month and it’s normal. 1) I’m not 16, I know this. and 2) It wasn’t a normal cyst. She had the u/s report saying it was a thick walled endometrioma! My second encounter with her was when I found out L was leaving Dr. K. I wasn’t happy! At my pre-op, S told me Dr. would send me home after surgery with IB 800!!!! WHAT?!?!? Before going into surgery I asked Dr. K if she’d be giving me pain meds (I knew she would be ;-)) and she said “percocet. I would never let you leave this hospital in pain.” L knows Dr. K prescribes pain meds after SURGERY. I was shocked that S would suggest IB 800! To top it off, as I was in surgery prep waiting to be wheeled into surgery, the charge nurse said¬†they couldn’t begin the surgery because they were waiting on my history and physical to be faxed over from my doctor’s office. Apparently the hospital still hadn’t recieved the H&P from my GYNO’s office, but had from my primary physician. Well, once the office did, it was 7 pages long! 7 PAGES! When my doctor got there and heard the hassle the hospital had to go through to get the H&P she couldn’t believe it. Then, it was stamped “copy” all over it. Apparently because it was stamped “copy” it couldn’t be added to my file as legal and so my doctor couldn’t sign it. If she doesn’t sign a H&P, she can’t do a surgery on me there. IT was a madhouse.¬† Eventually, it got figured out and the office faxed a clean copy over but she still didn’t sign it. She ended up signing my primaries H&P. Why? Because it was 1/2 a page where S’s was 7 pages long! We all had a good laugh about 7 pages. I remember making a crack – “For someone with a journalism degree she doesn’t know how to cut to the chase, does she?” To this my doctor really laughed good. I get the feeling S crawls on her skin as well.

I just hate that I may have to give a really good doctor because of a really crappy nurse practioner. This sucks!


One response to “Surgical Report

  1. Okay, I’m stuck on the fact that this person told you to keep your emotions in check. WTF!!!!!

    I can’t believe you have to wait a month. To me, that would be unacceptable. It’s your body, your surgery, and, you DESERVE answers!!!

    Is your pain from the other day any better!

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