Getting Somewhere

My visit went very well this morning with the nurse midwife at my gyno’s.

I was very pleased.

She agreed that my hormonal levels needed to be checked. She was appauled by Susan’s comments, as I was hoping she would be. She seems like a reasonable person. She said if it turns out not to be hormonal, but she thinks it is, then she’ll work to figure out what it is – anxiety, etc. She said it could be seeing as I woke up with an ovary still in me that I clearly wanted removed. But after she asked me the questions she asked, saw that I hadn’t had a period since April 2007 because of the Mirena, she feels it’s more likely to be hormonal.

We’ll get to the bottom of it. Thankfully.

BTW – FOX news just did a piece on migraine sufferers and breast cancer. They said: Migraine sufferers have a 30% less likely chance to get the common forms of breast cancer. Interesting and hopeful news for us migrainers.


2 responses to “Getting Somewhere

  1. Glad it went well today. And, glad you told on that beast. Ugh, I’m still disgusted by her comment. When will you find out about how the hormones are working?

  2. Endochick,

    I’m so glad your visit went well. That’s great!

    Susan’s comments to you were inexcusable and I am blown away that she actually said that. What was it again “keep your emotions in check” or something like that? When you see your actual doctor, I would be sure to mention it. (I know this last visit was with the nurse midwife). The doctor should know about the comments Susan made.

    Yes, I saw a similar headline today about migraines and less chance of breast cancer. That is interesting and hopeful news for migraine patients.

    I hope you are feeling much better!! 🙂


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