Chronic must mean…

Chronic Illness must mean you’re always sick, right???

I’m so fed up with half of my family, I could just move out of state and never talk to them again. Why?

Occasion One: Ghost Rally. My Cousin asks the can who’s going into the Haunted House. My SISTER speaks up, “She can’t go because the strobe lights will give her a seizure.” Oh, crap! My cousin stood there at the window and said, “You don’t have seizures.” Because this is something someone would make up! For the rest of the night she kept making remarks like, “no, she’ll have a seizure,” in a very patronizing tone. It took everything I had in me not to cry.

Occasion Two: Wedding Reception. My cousins find out I’m a vegeterian… who eats chicken. I explain that there is actually 4 different kinds of vegeterians, and some do actually eat chicken and chicken products and even dairy products – they said “no they don’t.” Yeah, because they know. I had to hear them ridicule me about this all night. I explained it was for health reasons and not because of animal rights or something like that. Still they kept on. Tonight, at my step moms bday party, my grandma had on the tv on mute. She had been watching the news and along the bottom scrolled “SCIENTIST SAY: STUDY PROVES RED MEAT LINKED TO INCREASE IN CANCER – COLORECTAL CANCER.” I shouted, “SEE! That’s why I don’t eat that stuff. My stupid cousin (the one who rode my butt for the seizure’s goes, “well, when I’m 80 I know how I’ll go.”). My grandma who is 77, she says, “That’s it! I’m done with red meat! My mother died from colon cancer and I’ve had too many polyps. Steak isn’t worth it.”

Occasion Three: Birthday Party. I’m being ridiculed for voting for Mccain. 1) He didn’t win. 2) If Obama had lost, I wouldn’t be waving ‘You lost’ signs at his supporters. I didn’t do this at my friends and family who voted for Gore in 2004. We live in a democracy. The democracy decided. Fair is fair. Let’s unite for this nation, because face it – we are screwed right now and need it. This bickering is pointless. They were making fun of John Mccain. They were putting their arms out in front of them like zombies and walking around and saying, “I’m John Mccain. I can’t raise my arms over my head. ‘Hi, friends.'” And my sister, the dumbest one of all, “John Mccain is Hitler” followed by idiotic laughing. EVEN if you disagree with his politics, how can you overlook Mccain’s military service? He was a freakin’ prisoner of war! I know I must be a rarity for my age, but I grew up surrounded by people who served in wars. These men and women served in the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Gulf War , and even a guy who served in WWII. I grew up listening to their stories of sacrifice, of what they did for this country – of their love for this country. These kids nowadays have no respect. Most of them would not do what Mccain did; they would kill themselves instead of be held prisoner in a Japaneese prison. But what get’s me is that even Obama, the head of these morons in my grandmas living room, acknowledges Mccain’s military service and thinks of him as the hero he is. I’m just so tired of people not respecting their elders anymore. That’s one of the things wrong with our society.

Occaion Three – B: Birthday Party. My dad is serving ham sandwiches for my step mom’s birthday dinner. I’m sitting there and my cousin makes himself a sandwich, sits down across from me and then goes, “Hey, there’s ham up there. You gonna eat some? hahaha.” I tried to just shrug it off with casual laughs, but then my loud mouth cousin (the seizure remark girl) starts in explaining to others watching my cousin making fun of me with “she’s ‘suddenly’ a vegeterian – she thinks.” At least my dad tried to step in to defend me by saying I had been a vegetarian most of the time since I was 14. But they talked over him.

Occasion 3-C: Birthday Party: I get up to get a drink in the kitchen. I had been talking to my sister, minding my own business. My cousin, Missy, (the seizure lady) had been talking to a couple other people and I wasn’t listening to their coversation. I get to the kitchen counter and start pouring me a drink and begin pouring me a drink when my cousin SHOUTS from across a crowded room, “Cathy, you’re sick all the time, are you sick tonight?” WTF?!?! Was this really called for? I suspect this was asked because my sister said something about not feeling well, but I’m not sure. I had NOT said anything about not feeling either way. I replied with, “I’m feeling fine, thanks.”

I tried to talk to my grandma about my fustrations about this tonight and she goes “well, your mom was sick all the time (I wonder why, she had endometriosis, migraines, and had to work 2 jobs cause my dad never worked!).” She said people don’t want to hear about how sick people are all the time. That’s the thing though – I NEVER TALK TO PEOPLE ABOUT WHEN I’M SICK! Other than on this blog, I never mention if I’m sick, in pain, or having trouble of any kind. I had been having seizures since May, my cousins didn’t find out about them until October and that was because of my stupid sister. I didn’t put out of a press release! I didn’t feel it was their business.

Yes, I do realize that I have a few chronic illnesses, but you know what? That’s how Chronic illnesses work. You get one and your chances of getting another increase. Each one increases your chances of another even more! This is especially true with autoimmune syndrome.

I just get so pissed. I never open my mouth for sympathy. I never whine about feeling bad, or being sick. But apparently my grandmother must be telling people I am sick so SHE can get sympathy (I know she does this when my sister is sick!) from them. This really pisses me off. I would prefer people not to know so I can avoid this crap!


2 responses to “Chronic must mean…

  1. Regardless of the cause, chronic fatigue has change on the quality of life. Wedding Party

  2. u don’t know me, i don’t know u…. i just stumbled upon this because i’m trying to find people’s personal stories about ovarian cyst removal etc. i’m 19 and have had a rough month with 2 ovarian cysts which have now thankfully been removed! and i guess a rough 5 years of illness before that. (it felt necessary to divulge a little, to give my comment some weight!) anywho… i just wanted to say that i wholly sympathise with this post, i’ve kinda been in your situation before, not the same but i do know the feeling, and i’m the exact same as you about it. i never talk about being sick, most people i hang out with in school have no idea in fact, that i’m sick, but my family, imediate and distant have given me a hard time in the past. sometimes i think it’s because they can’t deal with it themselves, or they feel helpless and want to contribute in some way even if it’s negative! albeit, this is most likely a subconscious decision. finally, i really like how you put things across, i enjoy your blog. maybe it’s because we’re so alike, but i get really immersed in it! ok this sounds freaky! hope you’re feeling well, and bravo!

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