PAIN paaaiiinn

Why am I in so much pain 3 weeks post lap?

Everyone who has had a laparoscopy knows they go through your belly button.

Well, when I woke up from my second lap on 10/28 it felt like they had driven a mac truck through my belly button! My first lap was nothing compared the abdominal pain I was having, and I knew this!

I go to my post-op a week later with my concerns. I tell the nurse practitioner that my stomach is still very tender in some spots (I mean she did remove a LOT of adhesions!) and that my belly button area is still hurting me. She said that after 2 days most women can go back to work so I should be feeling no pain at all. She send me back to work but gives me one more week of no picking up the kids. Fine. So I don’t pick the kids up for one more week and the pain doesn’t go away!

After that week is up, though, I have to resume my normal duties of picking kids up and so forth. It is my job after all. I don’t pick the heavy toddlers up because my arm weakness prohibits it from my neuro. Nothing over 20 lbs. BUT I can pick up the babies! Yay, me!

So here I am doing everything I normally do, and my belly keeps getting larger and larger and more tender. Finally yesterday I woke up and I could barely sit up on my own. It reminded me of day two post op!! The pain is back to post op levels and I need percocet to sleep! There is a hard ridge above my belly button STILL (Susan said this was internal stiches??? ) and it’s tender all the way down to my bikini line! Then to the right of my belly button it’s tender and in pain about three inches out but nothing to the left. And if I dare touch it or press on it — OUCH — it’s like ice pick pain spreads everywhere. I keep getting more and more bloated as the day goes on and I’m NOT constipated and it’s not gas! I can’t stand to wear pants on my waste so I have them under my stomach. I look about 6-7 months pregnant and I have to leave for work like this in one hour. HOW embarrasing.

I’m so upset!┬áThis surgery was supposed to be fix my pain not create more and then leave an ovary that will just keep on creating bad stuff. I’m just at a loss right now. I try my hardest not to mention when I don’t feel good or when something hurts because I don’t want people around me to know. But last night I hurt so bad I was in tears when I got into bed. JUST FROM GETTING INTO BED! And my husband goes “what’s wrong now?” And that just made me want to cry more.

All afternoon, as I bent over at work picking up toys or cleaning noses, it hurt and I couldn’t make a peep or a grimace. I didn’t want my co-workers to know anything was going on. But I should be able to unload at the end of the day, and in my own bed.


3 responses to “PAIN paaaiiinn

  1. There is NOTHING normal about your stomach being hard and rigid. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go back in and get a physical exam. PLEASE! If there is something wrong, you don’t want anything to get out of hand. You need answers-don’t let anyone tell you different. And, don’t feel bad for wanting to complain about that!!!!!

    PLEASE go see the Dr!

  2. Endochick,

    Ditto what Allison said. I wish I had more time to post more comments but the bottom line is that you need to get in, get seen, and get answers. In the meantime, listen to your body! If lifting 5 pounds hurts, don’t do it! Get in and get checked and keep us posted. If your doc is with other patients and you get that woman who treated your poorly, camp out in the waiting room until the staff can catch the doc between patients. I’m not kidding. Politely tell them that you don’t intend to leave until you can see your doctor because you are having complications folowing surgery and see what they say. It can’t hurt. Just be polite and if they insist the doc is not available, you’ll at least be more likely to get a phone call from the doc later. If that doesn’t work, have them page the doctor that evening if you didn’t get a call back. Seriously. I have known women who’ve had infections post-lap. I am NOT saying that’s what you’re having but you do need to get checked out. Take your temp and see if you have a fever. Don’t be afraid to call them… after hours/on weekend if need be. Good luck! Try not to worry yourself sick in the meantime…


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