That hurt!

Having swabs and cottin tips sticks and pointy things rammed into your belly button while it’s spewing pus and goop hurts!!!!

They cleaned it – very, very, very well. They took cultures – many. They squeezed the heck out of an already very tender incision area to milk it of more pus to culture. Then they cleaned me up, packed it with a huge wad of gauze and refilled my script for 3 more days.

I was given the usual warning about if the redness, warmth, foul smells worsens or spreads come back in or page Dr. K this weekend. Also if I get a fever, go to ED. Then I sat up from the table and had the wind knocked out of me! OUCH!!!!

I now get to go to work this afternoon with what looks like a large square sticking out of the umbilical area of my shirt. Yeah, I’m sure that’s not going to get any weird looks or questions from any of my co-workers or parents! Yay, me!


3 responses to “That hurt!

  1. Glad to hear they are giving you more antibiotics and finding out *exactly* what it is.
    Booo to all the swabbing and pain.
    Hope you start feeling better quickly!!
    ((gentle hugs))

  2. I’m SO glad you went to the Dr! No sense to let things like that fester-that could be dangerous. When will they get the cultures back? I hope it all clears up soon!!!!

  3. Oh honey!

    I hope you feel better soon and I’m glad you went in. Sorry it hurt!!


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