Ho Ho, is is here yet?

Is it Christmas yet?

It feels like it because I’ve been knee deep in this video project I’m putting together for my family members, and I am getting insanely fustratred! I finally get the clips all done, slap on a very nice menu for the DVD, but I go to burn the stupid thing and my program keeps telling me the disk is empty. It won’t burn. I trouble shoot till my eyes bleed. OK – I’m being dramatic, but it’s Christmas, and I’m a writing. So I’m allowed to A) be a dramatic and B) use terrible grammar because of my frustration! lol

Now I’m in the painstaking process of exporting all of these clips to my desktop from the DVD project so that I can send them to my sons computer. I then will try and use his DVD software (which I like better) to make the DVD. I haven’t used it in years, but hopefully it’s like riding on a bike.

And at some point my sister will be coming over so we make chocolate and white chocolate covered pretzel sticks with candies on them for Christmas Eve family party! Yummo!!!

If I don’t log tomorrow….
Have a Merry Christmas everyone!!!


2 responses to “Ho Ho, is is here yet?

  1. Endochick,

    Merry Christmas!!!


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