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Exercises – Grad School – Seizure

I’m just taking a moment of me time to blog before resuming my assignment – my huge PR folder of media examples. It’s a huge portion of my grade and should sum up my last class and hopefully get me my last A to secure a 4.0 this semester. Let’s cross our fingers.

I’m bummed because I think I may have missed the cut off for applying to Grad school at most places. EIU, though, doesn’t have their dates up so I don’t know if they accept Grad student to both the Fall and Spring semesters. I know I didn’t make the cut off for the Fall 2009 cut off for U of I, which was Dec. 17th. Apparently, you have to apply a year in advance! Yikes. That’s fine, I need to work for a while anyway. I need to work while getting the Master’s anyway, as well.

I would still like to do the Master’s of Education at my current college if this will guarantee I can teach at a college. It’s a fast track, distance Master’s degree. But it requires that you’ve been teaching for 2 years and I’m not sure if they’ll accept pre-school teaching as acceptable experience or not. It may only be open to K-12th educators. Bummer. I know my one Theology teacher feels I would be an excellent fit for a Theology or Women’s Studies Master’s major, but I laugh her off. She though my final project her class (video taped several women’s view points on who God was and what God meant to them) would make for a wonderful thesis project if it were expanded to cover more women and had more time and a bigger budget. I would love to do it, too, but what would I do with that Master’s combined with a Prof. Writing degree??

** Health News**
I’ve been doing 60 reverse crunchesa night from the back of my Fitness text book. I began with 50 and have worked up to 60. I’m taking it slowly as to not throw my back out or pull something. I’m also doing knee bends – 60 a night, as well. I’m working up to 100 in each. When I was in Air Force Junior ROTC in high school, we did 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, march/ran 2 miles 2 days a week. On the other 3 days, we still had formation, and formation consisted of 50 push-ups and and 50 sit-ups. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on me. I can no longer do push-ups or sit-ups because of my back, so I’m modifying my exercises but sticking to the 100 and doing them 7 days a week. I’m also sticking very well to the mostly vegetarian diet. I did have turkey on Christmas and do occasionally buy it at the store. I also have it for dinner once in a while to keep up my protein because I hate soy protein substitute stuff. But I’m really into the Kashi products and eating healthier. I’m still going strong on no caffeine and no chocolate, per docs orders! No alcohol. I don’t smoke. And other than the chronic stuff – endo and sheehan’s, I’m hanging in there.

I did have a small seizure thing at work last night. It was a bit scary, but I think it freaked my co-workers out more than it did me. lol I haven’t had one in a long time, too! I just sort of spaced out. I was aware, but not aware. I could see the other class come in but I was zoned out! Then when I came around my heart was racing and my words were flustered. I barely made it to the bathroom because I was like those “gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now” commercials. But I couldn’t even communicate this! Then I excused myself to the break room for about 10 minutes so I could calm down in quiet, get a drink, etc. I explained what happened to the person in charge and then went back to my class. Of course, for the rest of the afternoon I was out of it and grouchy. Not fun for the kids, I’m sure. I think it eased up, though, about 2 hours later. Wow, it sucked. I didn’t turn into a ball of tears. I almost did, but I fought them off. Yay, me!


3 responses to “Just Blogging

  1. Good Luck on your assignment. We must both live in the same area.
    Knowing where the UofI and also EIU are.


    Don’t give up on the grad school dream…keep trucking! 🙂

  3. I’m glad to see that it seems that you are feeling much better after the extended “recovery” from the last lap!
    I’ve also been giving a lot of thought to going for either my Master’s in Education (specializing in counselling psych), my MA in psychology, or my MSW. There are just too many options out there! But if this is what you want, don’t give up! Many universities do have entry points halfway through the year and their application schedule will reflect this. Some distance programs I know of up here in Canada don’t close their application deadline until sometime in February, so there still might be a chance, especially if you’re really thinking about distance ed programs.

    I did my social work degree through distance ed and it was much easier on my health than going to classes daily. At least that way I could lay in bed if need be and do my work without having to treck across a large campus.

    Good luck and wishes for good health,

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