In which I talk about 15 lb weight loss and exercise. Not an interesting post; merely a blurb.

Despite my gorging – well, it wasn’t that bad actually (just 2 slices of cheese pizza, some cheese popcorn, and a couple chunks of butterscotch rice crispy treats) – on New Years Eve, I’ve managed to maintain my 15 lb. weight loss. And the exercises I’m doing are finally helping to see some improvement in the belly region!!! Yay. And my thighs have dramatically reduced in circumference and firmed up a huge amount! And my bum… well… we won’t go there. LoL 🙂 Let’s just say that deep knee bends are GREAT for your back side, ladies.

As soon as my moron, love sick, sister sends it to me I’ll post a pic from New Years Eve. We then spent the first day of the New Year rearranging my living room and creating a new office for me in my bedroom. What fun! Exhausting, as well. But now on Saturday all we have to do is move our old couch out and make room for our new couch – it’s huge!

Alright I have to run to Walmart and the post office and then come home and enjoy my vacation now that I’ve fnished my course work for the semester!!! Yay!


One response to “Yay!

  1. Happy 2009!!! Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. Trying to catch up!

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