Looking For Insight

Since before September my armpit has been doing this strange blowfish thing. It swells up. I don’t get a knot, it just puffs up and becomes tender. I mentioned it during my preop fror my surgery and was told if it continued to come back. Since it has, I did. Problem is, it comes and goes! The day of my appointment came and, well, it wasn’t there. Of course. It sometimes drains into the breast, as well, and causes shooting pains. This is only the left and not the right one. The nipple is also sensitive. I told the doctor that I’ve never felt a lump. They didn’t feel a lump in Sept. Nor did she feel anything. She agreed that is sounded like my lymph gland. I told her I had tried the following: 1) not shaving in case it was an infected hair follicle (she didn’t see any either), 2) my underwire bras so I switched to wearing my sports bra. Even that didn’t help. I am also wondering if that persistent pain in my groin area isn’t also a lymph node since it, too, has been hurting since september. Unlike the axillary nodes, this one is hard and firm and swollen. If it is that. For the life of me, it has to be a lymph node!

immbody  The circled area is EXACTLY where my pain is in my groin. When I described it to my doctor, she tried to reffer me to a gastro. I wasn’t laying down and pointing though, this would’ve helped. I was trying to communicate that the pain wasn’t intestinal – at least I didn’t think it was – but if it wasn’t endo then I wasn’t sure what it was! Now I’m thinking it’s a pissed off lymph node. But why the heck have I had a persistent lymph node in my groin swollen and hard for 4 1/2 months and an axillary lymph node that recedes and comes back, is tender and drains into the breast? Interesting.

I think the only upsides right now are 1) I’m down 20 lbs!!! 2) my stress is doing better 3) my migraines are finally under control!!! 4) I have only one semester left (and it’s looking to be a breeze! and 5)  my son is a whizz at school.

Now if I can work on potty traing my stubborn 3 yr old and winning the lottery… lol…

BTW – I’m supposed to call for an ultrasound when my armpit decides to swell up again. It decided to do this, of course, Friday afternoon when I had to take my son to the doctors 😦 And stayed that way all weekend. It now seems to be ok. Fustrating beyond belief.


2 responses to “Looking For Insight

  1. I hope they can give you some answers…I hate having random stuff like that happen. I have pain in my armpit sometimes…always on the left side. So strange. My PT said it could be something with an aggravated nerve.

    HOOOORAY for the weight loss, stress less, controlled migraines and school accomplishments!!!!!!!

  2. Hi there,
    Are you still having these issues or ever figure out the true cause? If so, please email me.

    Take care

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