In Other News…

While it’s not Endo related…
I’ve added a tracker for my latest work, which according to latest industry standards has now exceeded the length of a short story. I have decided I will persue it to the lands of the novel and have thus put a Word Count tracker on my blog so everyone can see where I stand. I plan on updating it whenever I add a chapter to the novel. My chapters in this novel are like Dan Brown chapters – not HUGE – so don’t expect giant jumps. And I’m sure that count will slow down once school start. But I’m hoping it won’t take a year for me to write this one like it took me to write me first one.
My first novel (which I’m hoping to edit for credit in that JO 480 class) is over 100,400 words long. It’s LONG and part of wwhat I’m hoping to one day will become a trilogy. This book I’m working on now will be a stand alone. I’m having fun getting back to my craft. It’s so relaxing.


One response to “In Other News…

  1. How did the US go? I hope well!

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