Stress Bulletin 1)

I emailed school yesterday to say “Hey, I want my Independent Study class with my advisernot with this other teacher. You comment tag says I can do this, so do it.” I put it in nicer words, but that was the jest. I get back this reply:

“When we had our discussions I did not realize the JO 485 was an Independent Study course.  Officially this is only for Campus Students to take.  The course number should probably be JO 480 – Topics; this course is then worked out between you and your teacher.  I will switch this to JO 480 2 hours with Troy.”

What is this Topics class??? I emailed adviser, but yet to hear from him. As long as I can get the project assigned I want, I won’t throw a fit. lol Hey – it’s my last semester; I’m allowed an occasional fit. 🙂

Stress Bulletin 2)

I have yet to get a grade posting for my Public Relations class and I return to school next Friday. They have a new policy dealing with good academic standing that requires financial aid students to have all their grades posted before returning for new classes. Well, I can’t come back for my next semester if she doesn’t get with the program and submit my grade! This is frustrating me to no end. She’s had my work for forever. And it cost me $16 bucks to send in my portfolio, which was worth a good chunk of my grade. I had confirmation put on that sucker, too, so I know someone at that college signed for it on Jan. 5th. Ha. Ha. If she was grading as she went, there’s no reason there shouldn’t be a grade posted by now! All my other grades have been posted! And it’s ridiculous – I have A’s in my other 3 classes, which shows I have excellent academic standing, yet they need ALL my grades.  They can’t just call that teacher and ask, “has she finished?” And if I have, let me pass on to the next semester. If I haven’t then make me do the extension mess.

Stress  Bulletin 3)

It’s -13 outside with a windchill of -31 degrees. Nearly everything has closed. All public schools have closed and the college in my town has closed it’s night classes. My work? Nope. I did the smart thing and arranged for a baby sitter to be here this afternoon with my kids. I am NOT taking them out in this weather – especially my son and his asthma. He already has a cough. This would probably land him in the ER and hospital.

Stress Bulletin #4)

My ultrasound tomorrow. No one enjoys them. It’s not like it hurts, well it may. It’s uncomfortable when pressed, that’s for sure. My entire breast is sensitive and for no reason. And not the other one, either. Which leads me and my doctor to think this doesn’t sound hormonal. Hormonal would effect both breast the same way. I have to remember to not put lotion on that arm or area after I shower tonight. And then no deodorant tomorrow morning. What fun. I heard a story once of a woman who wore deodorant to her mammogram and it showed up as crystal near her axillary region. Of course they thought cancer and arranged a biopsy. But the morning of her biopsy when they did a mammo to confirm placement of the cutting and whatnot, the cancer was gone! I’m not sure if it ever happened, but it’s smart to follow directions.

I’m going to do some more writing today to relieve some stress. I’ve been working on a piece I began some time ago and then shelved for a while. I’ve since grabbed it from the recesses of my hard drive and have found new life in it’s characters. Not sure if it’s going to tun into a long-short-story (my short stories are never short), a novella, or a novel. We’ll just see where I end up once the character have evolved to their ends and the story has found it’s conclusion. That’s how I write. I let the story evolve with my characters.


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