Mini Update

Ultrasound Update:

As of Wed, I hadn’t heard anything on the ultrasound. The tech who done it had asked me what has brought me to needing one, and I had explained, and she explained that she was certified to interpret breast ultrasounds. Awesome. So we got down to business and she did the test. My axillary area was sore when she pressed the wand there. It wasn’t highly swollen though, which is dissapointing. That’s the reason I was having the scan. It had been on the day I called for the test, but by the time they got me in for u/s the swelling had mainly receeded. The pain, though, had not. I was hoping that would be in my favor and would help them identify the cause of what ever is going on there. I’m sure it’s remnant infection or some nonesense like that. But she asked the normal questions and then got quiet as she focussed on her job. I find it interesting when they hit the print or save button on the screen shots during the ultrasound, but you know it must be nothing because they’re not writing ay captions. That must mean I’ve had way too many ultrasounds lol. Anyway, they said they had to compair this ultrasound to the one I had in 2007 and then send report to my doctor. I know my hospital, they send me a letter as well. Last time I got a letter saying there was a spot that was likely to be benign come back in 6 months. My doctor said go to surgeon. I hope there’s no drama this time. I’m in no mood for drama. No mood. School starts Friday. Can’t handle both. lol


One response to “Mini Update

  1. Endochick,

    Best of luck on getting the results on your ultrasound ASAP. I hope you will come out of it with flying colors. In the meantime, try not to get stressed out about it.

    I just had my mammogram recently (details on my blog) and was very relieved that it came out OK. I am so lumpy (365 days a year) with fibrocystic breasts that it’s always a relief to be told things are OK.

    Try to get some rest even though you are very busy with school stress. Easier said than done… I know! Your body will thank you, though. 🙂


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