Still no answers

  • I still have yet to get a phone call or letter, or anything from my doctor office explaining the results of the u/s. I’m assuming, of course, that it’s good news, then. Should I not? I figured if they had some bad news they’d have contacted me by now.
  • I’m very, very, very tired after having pulled some late nights doing home work and I will now go to bed before midnight for a change this week. My body is forcing me to sleep, and seeing as I can’t use caffeine to keep me awake, I must obey.

Yeah, this is short, but I can’t stay awake anymore. I’m dragging as it is. I’m going to wait until Thursday and if I haven’t heard anything on the u/s by then, I will call them. I figure by then it’s been 2 weeks – they should know something.


2 responses to “Still no answers

  1. I would call them and see if they got the results… I had an ultrasound done on my heart the first friday of the new year. I was on the phone with the doctors office about something else yesterday, and they asked if I’d ever had it done…. They hadn’t recieved my results yet! I had been having the same thought you had, “that it must be good news since I haven’t heard anything”… turns out I hadn’t heard anything because they hadn’t. 😦 So hopefully once they get them I’ll hear something either way, just so I know they received them.
    Good luck with the sleep, and your schedule going back to normal.

  2. I agree-‘d call. I hope that it’s good news though! Hope school is going well!!! 🙂 I admire your strength to do it all like thaT!

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