U/S Update

I called this morning and don’t really have any specific news.

They did say that if I haven’t heard either way by now it’s most likely good news. The receptionist said if the ultrasound is flagged with a problem, they usually call those right away. Since I’m still waiting, I should probably take that as a good sign. All benign u/s get put on a back pile and have to be looked at, written up, then sent to doctor who has to then sign off on it before the nurse can call me. But by then I should’ve gotten a letter from the hospital saying it was OK. 

I’m assuming, at this point, it will come back uneventful. Although, that won’t explain what’s going on there because I’m still experiencing the same issues! And it’s only the one. We’ll see. If they call back and say everything is ok, I may urge for a mammo just to be safe. If they give me any trouble I’ll mention my cousin (who is only 4 years older than me) just battle breast cancer last year. I have the right to be sure.


One response to “U/S Update

  1. Well-i’m glad that it went well they think. If you are still unsure-it’s your right. What kind of issues again? Tumors wouldn’t normally cause pain. BUT, that doesn’t mean it’s not anything to check on.

    Hope you get definite word soon!

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