Sick Day

Sick Day – warning *graphic post*

I decided to take a sick day from work; the pain hasn’t ceased, it’s combined itself with a nauseous feeling, as well.

My hubby feels it’s doctor’s visit time. I feel I should continue riding it out. After all, he did just find out about it.

Last night over dinner, when I pushed my plate away after only taking three bites, I confessed that I hadn’t been feeling well for the past few days. He just figured I had the same cold that everyone else in the house was fighting, but this is something entirely else.

That spot on the pelvic/abdomen (left side) gets into¬† a colicky fit. If I start not being able to eat all, then I will go to the doctor. I’m not stupid. But I just don’t want to rush to the doctor and hear something stupid like “stomach flu” and be sent off. I know very well this isn’t a stomach flu. I’ve had pain there off an on since September. It’s the reason we did pelvic surgery. So, no, I’m not an idiot. But now I can’t seem to not live in the bathroom (yesterday), and today I feel like tossing cookies and can’t eat breakfast. So, yeah, not right.

Hopefully, soon, this too will pass.


One response to “Sick Day

  1. I hope it’s just a yucky bug! Feel better soon!

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