Reaction to Donnatal


I took this last night, and the bottle reads, “may cause drowsiness and dizziness…” It didn’t bother me much.
Well, this morning I took it…. I was a little overcome by drowsiness but shook it off. I had been awoken in the middle night and forced to sleep on the couch with my daughter around 2 this morning. That must be why, I had thought. Well, then I took my afternoon dose… Not 15 minutes later… I was jolted awake, staring point blank at my laptop. Twenty minutes had elapsed. Thankfully, my daughter hadn’t moved from the spot she had occupied on the living room floor beside me. She’s almost 4, though, if she needs mommy, she just wakes me up. Wow, I was not expecting this kind of reaction since last night it didn’t make me very drowsy at all.

It really isn’t helping too much, either. I would willingly take the drowsy s/e’s if it was working well, but I haven’t reached the end of day one yet. So we’ll see. Maybe if I take all 3 pills today, I’ll see improvement. And maybe if I DON’T EAT, I’ll be fine. It seems to really hurt worse after I eat. Anyway, it’s off to work I go. And I have to disconnect myself from my Endofemm… *boo hoo*


3 responses to “Donnatal

  1. WHOA! That’s what Phenegran does to me. POOF, you are out! 😉 Well, I hope it starts helping some. And, I’m glad you went to the Dr. and they got you in to see the GI. Ahhh, the magic of physician referrals sometimes, right?

  2. Just found your blog. I am a 20 year old with endo. diagnosed at 18. nice to know i am not alone.

  3. Did donnatal help? I have never had anyone test me for endometriosis, but my cramping is so bad now, I sometimes feel like I might pass out. I have high bp so the pill is not an option I’m told, nor is ablation. (Docs afraid I would get pregnant anyway and I could lose a lot of blood in delivery.) My only hope is ponstal, but I haven’t received it in the mail. (It’s iffy because NSAIDs make my stomach hurt.) I just started using donnatal for ibs and was searching the web to see if others use it for menstrual cramping like I did this week.

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