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quicky – doc’s opinion

The gastro thinks it’s a hernia. I had an ultrasound this morning, but I’m not sure they were able to image it because even the doctor said it would be small. I guess I’ll just linger in more pain until it gets bigger, bulges from my tummy, assuming he’s right, and then we’ll know for sure?


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  1. I’m curious – have you ever been checked out by an allergist to see if you have any food allergies? I haven’t read all of your posts as yet (as you know the past month and bit have been insane for me!), but I hear a lot of gastro type symptoms, and since they go hand-in-hand with allergies and endo, I’d thought I’d ask 🙂

    Did the GI guy suggest any follow-up for you or any further testing?

    • No, I’ve never been checked. But I have been noticing that my GI symptoms have been worse after eating high amounts of wheat. When I made organic chicken soup, I used these delicious whole wheat, organic noodles (which I normally don’t use). After dinner, and all that night, my symptoms were worse. I’ve also noticed since increasing my whole grain intake, my symptoms have really flared. This all didn’t really click until the night I ate the noodles.

      I am lactose intolerant – but I have to drink straight milk, or drink it in large quantities for it to bother me. And my daughter was born with dairy and soy allergies but outgrew both by age 2.

  2. Hmmmm, any other tests run? Yeah, I hate the not knowing…so, what did he want to do about it? Anything? Did he offer ANYTHING to help?

    • He’s having me do this crazy miralax every day thing because I’m alternating between diarrhea and constipation. I’m to do this for 1 month and then call with an update on my pain. I guess he’s hoping the phantom hernia decides to bulge by then? I don’t know.

  3. Miralax? For what he thinks is a hernia? Interesting. That stuff isn’t so bad. Should it help regulate you? Have you ever tried probiotics? They really helped me when I had some of those issues.

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