And he’s gone…

Endocrinologist’s… and the GI dance….

I get a phone call from my Endocrinologists office yesterday: “Dr. C’s no longer with our clinic, we’ll need to reschedule with someone else. He was seeing you for your… thyroid, right?” ME: “And diabetes insipidus.” NURSE: “Oh, ok?” In short, I have a feeling he was “let go” and his notes were a mess. Now I have the headache of starting over with a new doctor and praying that my meds don’t run out before the new appointment date since it got pushed back further.

Then this Miralax business isn’t suiting me at all. It’s taken 4 days to work, and then it’s caused knife like pain on the left side of my stomach (that area that hurts). I am still holding onto the bowel adhesions theory. They have to have something to do  with this. My doctor is still holding onto the hernia theory. I guess only time will tell which one of us is right. But if this pain gets any worse with the Miralax, I will be calling him.


5 responses to “And he’s gone…

  1. Oh Endochick!

    Loaded post…

    I will definitely need to revisit this post when I have time to write a proper answer. I’m trying to multi-task several screens right now and it’s not going so well. I would hold off on calling the Provena people until I can catch up with you offline about that issue we previously discussed by email. I wish I could type a proper, detailed comment back now but I’m getting overwhelmed trying to do too many things at once and stressing because my computer will keep crashing until my new router finally arrives plus my Blogger has been acting up badly. So remind me if I don’t comment back here within a few hours by shooting me an email, OK? I’ll check the box to get follow-up comments to this post to. So if you post here again, that should trigger an email. I popped over to this post after seeing your tweet with the link to here. Sorry I’m so scatter-brained. I’m really not doing well lately at all! I’m very overwhelmed and right now it’s all I can do to focus on the twitter search for “endo” that I’m plowing through. Wow! Twitter is REALLY becoming a very useful tool lately!! Anyway, please remind me to get back to this. I still have backlogged unmoderated comments on my own blog to deal with too… now that my Blogger seems semi-functional today. Maybe I’ll actually be able to post them. Gee, wouldn’t that be nice? I can’t wait to join you in WordPress World!!! Talk with you soon!!


    • Jeanne –

      Got your email. Have been busy today. Furnace busted and had to fix a part (working now, thank goodness!!!). Now I’m finally sitting down to write the 3 papers! I have to get done!!! Yikes! Talk about insanity! As for the Provena thing…. I would like to keep that off the blog cause I have a feeling they are trolling it. I will email you that answer. Thanks for thinking about me.

  2. Endochick,

    Glad we connected offline. Good luck with everything!


    P.S. Hey, you’ve got your picture showing now! Cute!

    • That’s an old picture – I’ve since lost 25 lbs and a lot of it from my face. But that was from after I had that makeover. I had the nice hair and nice make up job.

  3. Endochick,

    Well it’s nice to see you pictured on your own blog. I am used to seeing you on mine but hadn’t seen you here b/4 now.



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