Neurology Appointment and then some…

I had a neuro appointment today. For reasons outside of my control, I had rescheduled this appointment twice and it was long over due. It started off in a huff of confusion, though. The doctor comes in and goes, “It’s been a hectic day, and I apologize now if I get called away…”and not two minutes after he had sat down and inquired as to how my migraines were doing, there was a knock on the door. Dr. D stepped out into the hallway and I overheard him and a nurse discussing what I think was a case in the ED. But this patient was having a procedure with another doctor down there at the time and my doctor had to be a) brought up to speed, b) advised as to something, and c) asked what he wanted Dr so-and-so to do with said patient when he was done with them. Then, when I could hear him edging closer to the door (because their voices were growing louder), a very loud voice boomed over the PA system, “Dr. D blah blah blah MD” Whatever that code means… and he was off. Then not even five minutes later, I hear the same type of “code” being called for another doctor. Whatever was going on with his patient mustn’t have been bad!

When we got back, I told him that I hadn’t had a migraine since shortly after the increase to 125 mg of Topamax daily. He’s keeping it at that dose for now. And the baclofen is working nicely as I haven’t had any more trigeminal neuralgia attacks. But, since Tuesday the right side of my face has been numb from my temple eye area down my neck and I don’t have a headache. Concerned that I am now experiencing this sans migraine, he is ordering another MRI with and without contrast for Thursday morning. I will, of course, be getting copies of my films put onto a CD so I’ll post pics after the fun-filled, valium-laden event goes down. I love my neuro – valium for an open MRI. A claustrophobes best friend.

Then, while I had his ear (cause frankly I didn’t know how long I would have it!), I asked about these episodes I had been having in my sleep. They used to be frequent when I was pregnant with my daughter, but then tapered off, yet recently it seems they are occuring more often. I will get into that R.E.M. cycle of sleep, where you are just about to drift into deep sleep, when I am suddenly jolted awake and finding myself gasping for air. I am also exhausted all the time! I could fall asleep in front of my computer, in the car, at work (this nearly happened today), and I just thought it was because I finction on 6-7 hours of sleep per night. After all, I’ve heard some people just don’t need that 8-10 hours that docs ramble on about. I thought I was one of them ’cause I functioned brilliantly on little sleep. And up until this whole “you can’t have caffeine – at all ” business, I was doing fine. Now without the caffeine, I realize how exhausted I am! So I mention all this to the neuro because my neuro is the “Sleep Doctor” – his medical interests are “cognitive effects of sleep disorders.” He works in the Sleep Lab Monday – Thursday and then is in the neurology clinic on Fridays. He scolded me for only getting 6-7 hours of sleep a night and told me I am putting myself at risk for a heart attack and stroke, among other things. He thinks it sounds like Obstructive Sleep Apnea and is ordering a polysomnogram – a sleep study.


2 responses to “Neurology Appointment and then some…

  1. I have a question for you regarding your topamax use. I take it for panic and anxiety. Can you tell me if you have had bad breath from it? I have looked online- no answers. My husband says that it is really bad. Wondered if anyone else has had this problem. My mouth is dry all the time and I have only been on it about a month. The endo thing – I get it – I had a hysterectomy in 2000 for it. Thanks.

    • By bad, do you mean sweet? Bad breath, in itself, is a common s/e of Topamax and should go away with treatment. Make sure your brushing teeth and maybe try some breath mints if it’s a problem. Remember that offensive foods (like garlic and onion) can linger in our stomachs and rise into the throat causing bad breath for long after we’ve consumed them. And I think in Chinese Medicine they say bad breath is a sign the body isn’t um, eliminating waste as often as it should. lol
      Anway, if it becomes too bothersome, or doesn’t go away, speak w/your doctor.
      IF it’s sweet this can be a sign of metabolic acidosis – a medical emergency.

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