Julia Roy

Are you on Twitter?

Have you heard of Julia Roy???


If you aren’t following @juliaroy on Twitter, here’s why you should be…

1) She is the host of the YouTube show Tweetweek. The February 18th Tweetweek has had 2,501 viewers. With her Tweetweeks, she goes through the popular hash tags and events covered on Twitter during the week.

2) She is  the self-proclaimed “an entirely digital girl.”

3) She has, as of the writing of this post, 17,378 followers! This is a staggering number!

4) To raise money for Twestival’s Charity: Water, Julia Roy auctioned off an evening of drinks and dinner with herself. The final bid was $1,549.00!!!

5)  If we can all follow her this month on Twitter, and then DM her and politely ask her to cover the #endo hash tag for National Endometriosis Awareness Month, we may see this happen.

The more we use that #endo, the more popularity it’s going to gain this month! Keep encouraging other women you know to use it! The more awareness we can bring to this disease the better!



One response to “Julia Roy

  1. Endochick,

    Thank you so much for finding Julia Roy! As we discussed the other day, we should direct message her with requests to cover #endo on her show. The #endo twitter hashtag is really catching on and is now listed in the hashdictionary, thanks to Debby Bruck of Holistic Twitter.

    If we spread the word to our endo sisters and enough people send messages to Julia Roy, we can make this happen. We have to get as many people as possible to message her, though, because she has LOTS of followers!

    So we need to get the word out to other endo bloggers and endo patients AND ANYONE who supports the endo cause! Getting #endo featured on Julia Roy’s show could really be huge for increasing awareness. With all of these coordinated efforts, something is going to pay off! We all just need to be determined and persistent!

    THANK YOU! Now let’s spread the word… email, Facebook, other endo blogs (comments), etc. We need help! We need more people messaging her. You and I have already sent her tweet messages… and we can do so again. However, we need others to join us.

  2. Endochick,

    I just emailed Julia Roy and copied you on it!

    Her email address is:

    Her blog is:

    I just posted a comment on her last Tweet Week post! There was no comments moderation… it posted immediately. So even if she doesn’t mention #endo on her next Tweet Week, we may get some decent visibility simply from readers of her blog looking at the comments!


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