Results are In/ Endo Pain

  • The results are in for the Target: Meredith Vieira poll. I will not announce them until all the kinks are worked out into a formal Campaign. When this happens, I will make a nice post letting everyone know how we’ll go about this attempt to garner more endometriosis awareness via Meredith Vieira and The Today Show.

Now for something I wish I wasn’t writing about – Endometriosis PAIN! Why? Oh, why! It’s in that one spot – that left ovary. Why could the doctor not have taken it out in October! I’m not sure if there’s a new cyst on it, or the adhesions have grown back (this soon!!) and are pulling it again, or what is going on, but the pain is in full swing. It’s there all the time, and when it’s cyclical, it’s beyond relief. It radiates to my hip and down my leg! I’m nauseas now to the point sometimes where I don’t even want to eat. This makes me suspect another cyst, yet I thought I had one just rupture there last week?!? The GI doctor thought he felt a hernia trying to present itself, but no hernia?!? What else could that lump be? All I know is that area hurts and it isn’t fibromyalgia. This is endo pain. I know endo pain! Last week, when I was spotting, this pain was almost unbearable. That’s ENDO PAIN! Anyone else have any ideas? I’m fresh out of them!



2 responses to “Results are In/ Endo Pain

  1. owie! sorry about the pain you have had. I have been getting worse lately due to not taking my BC for 6 months (too expensive, no prescription coverage)another laperoscapy is probably in the near future.

    • Sorry to hear about your pain, as well. If you have no coverage, have you tried a women’s clinic? If you have a medical need, the women’s clinics in my area, or planned parent hood type organizations, would give free scripts out for pills. They have to do an exam first, of course. But if you can afford the med, they either help you buy it or find a cheaper alternative. It’s def worth the try.

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