Jeanne’s Endo Blog New Post – Hysterectomy Story

If you’ve come across my blog and are contemplating a hysterectomy to help ease the pain of your endometriosis, I urge you to please check out Jeanne’s Endo Blog. She has a guest blogger who has posted her story today about her 20+ year experience of what it’s like post hysterectomy. If you’re sitting there thinking, “what’s this going to be like in 5,10, 15 years down the line?” Head over to Jeanne’s Endo Blog and check out this story. Please.

There are so many other stories just like it. My own mother had a hysterectomy at 28 – due to excessive bleeding from endometriosis and adenymyosis (the only reason my doctor says she’ll consider taking out everything now). Now in her late 40’s, she’s plagued with muscle fatigued and what I strongly believe is fibromyalgia. She lives on Tylenol and needs Tylenol PM’s to get any sleep. I hate to see what this is doing to her liver! She is still plagued with cramps and pulling sensations (most likely adhesions from multiple pelvic and abdominal surgeries including the hysterectomy). And she says she still gets hot flashes. But with her mother’s history of cancer, hormones are out of the picture. My mom tried them and couldn’t handle them so even if they were an option…  And my mom has had gallbladder problems for years. She has to watch what she eats and just two weeks ago she said it seems like she can’t eat anything anymore without it messing her up.

There is another woman I know who had a hysterectomy and is now experiencing suspected gallbladder complications, among other things. Is there a pattern here? Decide for yourself. Read Roberta’s personal story and decide for yourself. When I heard it I felt compelled to ask Jeanne if I could post something on my blog point to it because I couldn’t believe it! This woman’s story sounded just like my mom and the other lady I know! It was uncanny!

And while you’re over there, please take a moment and sign Jeanne’s petition for Endometriosis Awareness. We have been tirelessly trying to get more awareness and education for endometriosis this month, and Jeanne’s petition has been circulating for sometime now! Help us reach more people with facts and not myths!!



5 responses to “Jeanne’s Endo Blog New Post – Hysterectomy Story

  1. Endochick,

    So happy to see you post this here! Roberta’s story is so important and will help so many. (I know how many local endo patients it has helped)!



  2. Hi, cool post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting. I’ll likely be coming back to your posts. Keep up the good work

  3. Great post.
    I had a long and painful battle with endometriosis that ended with a hysterectomy 2 years after the birthof my daughter. Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. I am sad to hear of these stories with woman who have had to resort to a hysterectomy. I was nearly at that point myself when the pain just wouldn’t go away and I thought I had tried everything. I had used all the traditional hormonal treatments recommended by my doctor. They didn’t work or they gave me severe side-effects. I now use natural ways to deal with my endometriosis and it is definately working and I feel better than I have in years. I hope I can help others before they resort to the extreme of a hysterectomy. There is a different way …..

    • I agree with Melissa. It’s very sad being a a situation where even thinking a hysterectomy would be a better option. If hormonal therapy is not working, maybe consider trying Traditional Chinese Medicines, Accupuncture or seeing a Fertility Specialist who deals strickly with natural remedies. Many have had tremendous results as it deal with you as a “whole” rather than just isolating the endo. Thanks for sharing and all the best.

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