Where am I at now?

My sister’s blood clot keeps coming back. The other day they thought they had succesfully removed the clot. We were all elated. Life was sweet. Fast forward to this morning when we get a call saying her blod clot is back and she’s being shipped over to St. Louis Barnes-Jewish Hospital for a risky surgery. It will be performed on Tuesday. Until then, the doctors will be working closely with a hematologist to figure out a safe level of blood thinners for her blood to be at during surgery. Too much and she’ll be at a risk for bleed out. Too little and she’ll be at a risk for clotting. They will be treating the Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (her veins being pinched by her ribs and her clavicle) by removing two small ribs, some muscle, and bypassing some veins.

It’s risky in her condition. More tomorrow as I’m exhausted. It’s 3 am and I’m going to bed.


6 responses to “Where am I at now?

  1. Sending nothing but good thoughts and prayers your way!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m just now catching up on other peoples’ blogs and read the story about your sister. My thoughts are with her, you and the family – sending hope and healing vibes!

  3. Endochick,

    I’m sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!!!!!!!!!! I hope everything goes well tomorrow morning. She couldn’t have a better advocate in her corner than you. Just remember to take care of yourself.


  4. I hope your sister is now well. I have been through a similar thing. Take a look at my blog – http://doeseverycloud.wordpress.com

    • Thanks. She has a blood clotting disorder known of Factor V Laiden Lupus that has to be managed with medication and is chronic. She gets clots all the time, and currently has one, but it is keeping her out of the hospital. Thankfully.

      • I have the same condition. Its not very pleasant at all. Its nice to know that someone is in the same position and that I’m not on my own. Keep reading my blog 🙂

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