Neuropathy, My Dear Watson?

If you’ve been current on my latest Twitter feeds as of today, you’ll know I’ve been experiencing some unusual sensations in my legs and feets. Pain. Numbness. Tightness. Odd. This isn’t the first time this has occured, but I don’t have a migraine! That’s right – no migraine.

Here is a run down of how this phenomenom has progressed:

Tuesday: the “Fire Thigh” – I was with my sister H, and we were talking to our other sister who just got out of surgery. She was in her room and I was standing by her bed, just talking. We were about to leave for the long drive home when it felt like someone had lit a torch to my right thigh. It was so bad I literally screamed and had nurses craning their necks from around the nurses stationed to peer into the room. Note how none of them came running to my aid. I even reached my hand into my pants, swearing something had bit me! I dashed out of the room and across the hall to the bathroom. Stripped my pants off only to find…nothing. Nothing.

I go back to the room only for this happen again about 15 minutes or so later. We leave and it happens again when we were nearly out of St. Louis! After that, it doesn’t happen again. But my legs and feet starts going into spasm. I am forced from the car every hour or so because of these painful spasms in my legs. My feet feel like they are going to sleep and they burn! It’s ridiculous.

Wed: I took the day off to recoup from the hectic stress I’ve been under and rest. I notice I’m still having problems with my legs, especially from the knees down. This is oddly reminding me of how I was when I went to the ED when my daughter was 2 months old and, after going around and around, they diagnosed me with complicated basilar artery migraines.

Thursday: I returned to work and was still experiencing this crap when I got home, and with no migraine! So I took a nice, hot bath to relax my body and my legs that night. But this made me feel AWFUL. And I tweeted about it. This tweet caused concern from some of my followers. Bless them for their concern. I was literally drained after my bath. Could barely stand when I got out, my legs were literally gelatinous globs stucks to bone with lightning bolts ripping through them. I forced myself to bed with a video and hooked myself up to Mr. CPAP (figure if I have to sleep with it every night it may as well be a man lol), and 20 minutes later my husband came in, took off my glasses, slipped the remote from my hand, woke me up enough to inform me I had fallen asleep and that he was shuttingt the tv off. Wow! What? I don’t even remember falling asleep!

Friday: I wake up this morning and I’m still having pins and needle pain in my legs and feet. It was so bad this morning that I laid in bed for 2 hours not wanting to get up! Went to the Dr.’s office and for some reason in walks my husband’s doctor’s PA!!!!????!!! What? Where’s my Dr? Or at least his PA? I was so shocked I could barely even get out why I was there. Then the stupid PA starts listing my medication and tells me what they’re used for (incase I didn’t know!) and asks me if I’m really on them! OMG! WHAT! Then he starts giving me grief because my endocrinologist never put me on ACTH and only desmopressin for my diabetes insipidus. The last time I looked, the treatment for DI was desmopressin and NOT ACTH.  I just LOVE when stupid PA’s pretend to be specalists. THEN he proceeds with the physical exam on my feet and pronounces this neuropathy – a “thing with my nerves” (because I’m so dumb I can’t understand what neuropathy is). Tell me to pop some Aleve and I’ll need to see a neurologist. I tell him I’m only there now because I couldn’t get into my neurologist. He seems shocked that I have a neurologist I can a) call and b) make appointment with without a referral. I tell him “I’m being seen for complicated basilar artery migraines and trigeminal neuralgia and we’ve already covered this when we went over my medicines,” to which he just stares at me . This guy is the King of Pricks!!!

So, pretty much, I get sent home with “call your neuro.” I did and left a more detailed message. I still never got a call. They did tell me, though, when I called that there were 3 nurses, which is significantly less than normal, and they were swamped. But still, to hear nothing! Give me a break! I hope this doesn’t last long.


4 responses to “Neuropathy, My Dear Watson?

  1. Endochick,

    Glad we connected tonight… however briefly. I have neuropathy and have seen multiple neurologists. Obviously I can’t diagnose you (!) but I do look forward to connecting with you again when we have more time. I may be able to help you focus in on what is likely to be happening/or not. Again, I’m not diagnosing you. I can just share what I’ve been through in case it helps. I’m glad you’re getting the rest you need… and hope to connect with you tomorrow.


    P.S. I know all about those baths… where my husband has to literally help me get out!! I know it’s not fun. Hang in there!!

  2. I’m sorry that all of this is going on. Could it be from stress? I cannot imagine! Our patients suffer from neuropathy from the chemos. Could it be one of the meds u are on? I hope you get a call back soon. Would have been nice for that PA to call the neuro and get you in. Ugh. I hope it gets better and soon!

    How’s your sister?

  3. Endochick,

    Glad we connected yesterday re: neuropathy. Hope it helped at least a little bit. Keep me posted.


  4. Foot neuropathy is just awful! I really do hope you get the medical attention you need or that your feet get better by themselves. Perhaps it is just stress. Though it wouldn’t to have a checkup in order to be sure. Good luck and God bless.

    Zooey Foot Neuropathy

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