Neuro Update

Neurology Appointment

I must say that after years and years of crummy doctors, I really lucked out by getting one heck of a neurologist; and I’ve heard these guys are a pain to come by. I’ve seen my poor step-mom go through more than I can count of crappy ones who’ve all messed with her meds and caused her seizures and falling and hospital stays. I’m very fortunate to find one who has stuck with me and is willing to put up with me.

He fit me in this morning and thinks it may be low potassium or low sodium, or possibly both. Mainly due to the muscle cramping factor. He’ll call me when he gets the blood test results in. I would not be surprised if my levels are off, especially sodium, given the fact that my endocrinology appointment has been moved twice! A week before I was scheduled to see my endocrinologist the office called to inform he was no longer with the clinic and I’d be seeing a new doctor. Of course, because that place is so stinking busy, my appointment got moved a month into the future! Great. Then I had to reschedule that appointment because of my sister’s surgery (hard to be in two places at once when they are 4 hours away from each other lol). And so now the appointment is scheduled for June 16th! And I’m supposed to get my sodium checked, like, often!!! Oy. I’m nervous. It had gotten pretty low that one time – into the low 120’s as I remember. Sodium level should be 136-145. Just as long as it’s not low enough for me to have to be hospitalized. yuck. But last time I didn’t even know it was low, it just came up that way at my regularly scheduled blood check! So, yeah, can you see my concern???

Oh boy. This just pisses me off. He also said if those come back OK, it could be the reaction from all the stress from everything to do with my sister. I had been expecting the mother of all migraines, instead I get this! I’m wondering which it will be. If that’s the case, then he has another solution for me. But we’re looking at this other avenue first.

Endometriosis Note:

Had to sleep with my heating pad last night. That area in my groinish area was throbbing when I got out of the bathtub last night. The only thing that would calm it so I could sleep was heat. It’s like right on that artery area… not sure what’s going on, but that’s the general area.


One response to “Neuro Update

  1. I am just catching up on all things endo related, and all my fellow endo bloggers. Just wanted to let you know I am concerned and am thinking about you and your fam. Sending positive thoughts.

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