Electrolyte Imbalance

Before anyone shoots me —- It was a mistake… that’s all I’m saying. But I think my electrolytes are out of balance and wondering if it’s early enough that a couple Powerades will do the trick. It all started 2 nights ago…

I take desmopressin tablets – 2 0.1 mg tablets every night before I go to bed to balance my sodium levels and help me sleep through the night without wetting myself and/or experiencing noctoria (the need to get up sometimes 3 or more times during the night to visit the rest room). But since I had undiagnosed sleep apnea, was pushing many late-nighters thanks to college work, you can guess which of the above was happening without the desmopressin. Yeah, not fun for my hubby.

During the day, I drink like a fish out of water. My doctor encourages this so that I don’t dehydrate. If I’m thirsty, he says, then drink. Problem is I’m thirsty a lot. But my thirst varies. When I’m on the desmopressin my thirst is at the “I could have some water” level. This is the manegable level. I can control my intake so I’m not visiting the bathroom every 15 minutes. But when I forget to take my meds, vomit them up, become dehydrated, whatever, I can quickly go from that previously level of thirst to “OMG I’M GOING TO DIE IF I DON’T GET WATER NOW!!!” Regardless of the fact that I’ve just downed a glass of ice cold water, I will still crave MORE water. If it gets really bad, I get that “I’ll rob a convenience store for a bottled water” feeling. Lock your guns up, things could get crazy. I’ll get irratible, can’t think straight, sometimes I get a dull headache and body aches. 

Now I don’t know why I am just not putting two and two together – well, ok – now I do. Nevermind. The night before last (that was Tuesday, right?) I forgot to take my desmopressin. I had stayed up too late working on something and after nodding off on the couch, just shut my laptop down and went to bed. So yesterday comes and I’m getting thirstier and thirstier every hour, my feet start hurting and tingling, my legs are cramping, and by the afternoon I’m snapping at everything that moves and looks at me. Of course, I’m attributing this to my lack of sleep.

But then last night when I go to take my desmopressin I notice the bottle is empty. Oh, frack! I know I didn’t take it the night before and now I can’t take it again! So today, much more of the same symptoms I experience yesterday yet, they are increased. I now recognize them – it has to be electrolyte imbalance. I’ve felt like this before – back when they were messing with my levels and on that other medicine for my trigeminal neuralgia that was messing with my sodium levels. I remember this feeling, and it’s only going to get worse until I can get that desmopressin back into my system and get my vasopressin levels normal again. I’ve called in the prescription – did it first thing this morning. Can’t believe this happened. But now I’m insanely irritable – on edge is an understatement. Easily confused. Insanely thirsty, and being outside at work on that stupid playground is only going to make it worse!!! I’m also worried that my foot is going to hurt like it did last night. That was unbearable.

How did I let this happen????? I can’t believe I let this happen! That is one of those medicine you’re not supposed to run out of!!


2 responses to “Electrolyte Imbalance

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  2. Just wanted to pop over and let you know I was thinking about you!!!

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