@cafepress makes me happy

I was elated this evening when I booted up TweetDeck to see a reply and DM from @Cafepress:


Are they kidding me?? Is this someones idea of a sick practical joke??? Wow, was I surprised. I don’t win things, people, especially Flip HD’s!!! I’m such a geek – this Flip HD is going to come in handy on game night!!! I’m squealing.

I usually use my cell phone and take little 5-10 minute movies (sometimes) or just take pics. And I don’t do that often ’cause it take so much memory on my camera, and since I don’t have the bonus package, it costs so much to send this stuff to my computer – I usually don’t mess with it anymore. @jeanniebop31987 has taken over camera duty pretty much and does take some random clip videos, but now I’m so excited that I can do more!!! And post right to Youtube more easily!!! YAY!!!!

Here is the Flip HD I selected:



This is such a perfect Geek Girl Gift if I’ve ever seen one. My husband asked me to explain how I had won it like three times. @cafepress asked people to tweet using Twitter during a contest the other day. I don’t remember the specifics of the contests, but it required you to select a t-shirt from their website that demonstrated creativity and a few other things (my mind, right now is on elation fumes! Forgive me!). Well, I selected the “Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock” shirt. If you watch The Big Bang Theory you know what this is. I will have to be buying me this shirt since it helped me win a sweet camera, even though I can’t make a Spock to save my rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock… but I can make a lizard… well, oh well.

This geek girl says thank you @cafepress! I can’t wait to start filling up a new Youtube channel with vids!!


4 responses to “@cafepress makes me happy

  1. Endochick,

    Congratulations on winning!!!!!


  2. Ooooooooooo, I love it!!!

  3. i’d never seen that design, and after 6 years of staring at t-shirts that’s saying something. 😉

    doing the spock takes practice and, on occasion, duct tape. heh.

    hope you enjoy the camera. congrats again!

  4. Mitch Thurmer

    Tou go girl, How do I subcribe/follow your post…Mitch

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