New Endocrinologist & Central Diabetes Insipidus

I had my appointment the other day with the new Endocrinologist. I was tense, I must admit, about starting over with a new one even though I didn’t have a choice in the matter seeing as the old one flew the coop. But she was highly intelligent when it came to her field, not like my old doctor. I didn’t have to hold her hand like I had to him. She already knew my history from his notes and didn’t start off by questioning any of my other diagnosis’. She performed her physical and and went over my medicine and listened attentively. It was nice for a change. Really nice. When I told her how I had had the stomach flu Sunday (my apt had been on Tuesday) and within 4 hours of the vomit/diarrhea combo I knew I had to get the phenergan shot or I would end up in the ER, she was grateful that I know how to handle my disease! With that one example, and explaining to her how I keep water on me – especially at work when I’m outside in the heat – she learned that I’ve lived with this for a year (diagnosed, 3 before that undiagnosed) and knew how to handle my life with it. She ran some blood work to make sure my levels were good seeing as I had had the flu and I guess some slightly off levels in March. But everything turned out good as she called me later that day and said I was clear to keep taking my dose at night!

Living with the knowledge that I have Central Diabetes Insipidus is like running a marathon of constant adjustment, but I’m used to this. I have this for my other chronic illnesses, so it’s nothing I can’t handle. There’s no caffeine anymore, no msg’s or fake cheese or alcohol for my basilar artery migraines. Then there’s nothing more than light touching on the right side of my face for the Trigeminal Neuralgia (light touching = transient numbness/ rough touching= sharp pain). All I do is take a pill in the morning for my thyroid, so that really hasn’t hindered me so far, unless I miss my pill because I forget to fill it (which I have done too many times) and then OMG do I feel like a train wreck just slammed into my body at 1,000 miles per hour! Then there is the whopper, endometriosis. That one is like a nagging ache that comes around when you least expect it or want it to, to say “hey partner” and sticks it’s slobbery tongue out at you. It camps out on your couch like that annoying family member you disown around friends and will only go away when you mask it behind a veil of drugs. But when the haze clears… there it is… still on your couch, eating your Cheetos and drinking your iced tea. Finally, you have success, you’ve kicked it out just for it to wander back onto your doorstep next month… or a week later… or maybe even a few days. There is just no getting rid of endometriosis because it’s like a cockroach – this stuff will survive a nuclear blast.


3 responses to “New Endocrinologist & Central Diabetes Insipidus

  1. I’m glad you liked your new doctor and that she appreciated your own efforts to manage your health!! You go girl!!

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